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An Important And Useful Skill In Education, Collaborative Classroom Learning Is Replacing Head To Head Competition In Business, The Best Leaders Are Team Builders Who Can Inspire Great Group Efforts Tharp Uses Her Decades Of Experience To Explain Why Teamwork Is A Superior Way Of Working For Some Of Us And Inevitable For Almost All Of Us The Essential Lessons Of Group Effort Tharp Takes Readers Through The Most Common Varieties Of Collaborations, Including Working With A Partner, With Institutions And Middlemen, Outside Your Expertise, In A Virtual Partnership, With A Friend, With Someone Who Outranks You, Plus How To Deal With Toxic Collaborators, And Much Examples From One Of America S Greatest Collaborators Twyla Tharp Shows How She Built Successful Collaborations With Jerome Robbins, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, David Byrne, Milos Forman, And Four Generations Of Great Dancers

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  1. Michelle E Collazo Michelle E Collazo says:

    The author, a dancer and choreographer, has had many opportunities to collaborate in her career, and while she offers some interesting insights around the concept of collaboration, I found the text disorganized and rambling throughout A bit stream of consciousness at times, which I m certainly not opposed to in general, but I frequently found myself asking, Wait, what was the original point here And then I d flip back a few pages to the section heading to remind myself It just didn t flow well I started the book months ago, and kept putting it down in favor of something else But I do like to finish books, always looking for that redeeming quality I highlighted a few inspiring, well written nuggets here and there, but I m glad it s finished, and I doubt I ll revisit it.

  2. Cheryl Riniker Cheryl Riniker says:

    We all think that some people are gifted and creative, but the message Twyla gives is that we can all be creative It comes from practice With many good examples, this is a wonderful book if you are interested in a creative life.

  3. Robert Morris Robert Morris says:

    As is my custom when a new year begins, I recently re read this book and The Creative Habit while preparing questions for interviews of thought leaders The insights that Twyla Tharp shares in them are, if anything, valuable now than when the books were first published.It would be a mistake to ignore the reference to habit in their titles because almost three decades of research conducted by K Anders Ericsson and his associates at Florida State University clearly indicate that, on average, at least 10,000 hours of must be invested in deliberate, iterative practice under strict and expert supervision to achieve peak performance, be it playing a game such as chess or a musical instrument such as the violin Natural talent is important, of course, as is luck However, with rare exception, it takes about ten years of sustained, focused, supervised, and yes habitual practice to master the skills that peak performance requires.Tharp is both a dancer and a choreographer and thus brings two authoritative, indeed enlightened perspectives to her discussion of the life lessons for working together Many of the same requirements for effective collaboration on classic Disney animated films such as Snow White and Pinocchio must also be accommodated when members of an orchestra and of a ballet company collaborate on a performance of Stravinsky s The Firebird.Tharp characterizes herself as a career collaborator who identifies problems, organizes them, and solves them by working with others Many of the stories she shares in this book involve the world of dance, but you don t have to know anything about dance to get the pint Work is work Her book, she suggests, is a field guide to a lit of issues that surface when you are working in a collaborative environment She proceeds to explain why collaboration is important to her and, I ll bet, to you Her narrative is enriched by dozens of memorable anecdotes from her career as dancer choreographer but almost any reader can identify with her experiences, especially with her struggles.She addresses subjects and related issues that includeo What collaboration is and why it matters also what it isn t How and why collaborations challenge and change us for better or worse How to work effectively with a remote collaboratorNote Given the latest communication technologies e.g Cisco s TelePresence , remote does not mean distant but physical separation makes mutual respect and trust even important to those involved.How to collaborate with an institution by overcoming problems with infrastructure, intermediaries, and a deeply en grained cultureHow to collaborate with a community e.g an audience How to collaborate with friends there s both good news and bad news In the final chapter, Flight School Before Your Next Collaboration, Tharp stresses the importance of involving others in our efforts By standing in our way and confronting us, talking with us as friends who care enough to tell us what we may not want to hear or by collaborating with us, other people can help us grind our flaws to manageable size For example, my lifelong collaboration with Frank Sinatra I ll say no about that Read the book to learn .As is also true of The Creative Habit, this is a book to re read at least once a year, if not frequently Beyond its immense entertainment value, it offers rock solid advice on collaboration, a human relationship that is important now than ever before in every area of our society Thank you, Twyla Tharp, for so muchincluding the fact that you are Twyla Tharp and share so much of yourself in your books and even in the art you continue to create Bravo Twyla Tharp, one of America s greatest choreographers, began her career in 1965, and has created than 130 dances for her company as well as for the Joffrey Ballet, The New York City Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, London s Royal Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre She has won two Emmy awards for television s Baryshnikov by Tharp program, and a Tony Award for the Broadway musical Movin Out The recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts Sciences in 1993 and was made an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1997 She lives and works in New York City Her books include Push Comes to Shove An Autobiography 1992 as well as The Creative Habit and, recently, The Collaborative Habit Life Lessons for Working Together, also published by Simon Schuster 2009 The last two are available in a paperbound edition.

  4. Barbara A. Mcdonald Barbara A. Mcdonald says:

    Tharp makes dance working one Getting it done Getting to done with others It is about us all in synch given individuality, challenging Book softens as it describes paths to move it forward Recommended reading if you leave your house, particularly if needing to work with others.

  5. S. Houg S. Houg says:

    While much of the content consists of anecdotes from Tharp s career, helpful nuggets are there for the attentive reader It s not a how to manual, rather a collection of personal learnings which can be transferred to many settings.