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5 thoughts on “The Combined New Persian-English and English-Persian Concise Dictionary

  1. Seta Seta says:

    I particularly like how the Persian words are written with all the vowels, but only in the Persian English section This is a great help in correct pronunciation so I don t understand why this is not done in the English Persian section, where the emphasis is on how to pronounce English words There is no International Phonetic Alphabet transliteration, so you need to know the Persian alphabet to use this dictionary The book is well bound, not too heavy and generally of good quality The content is comprehensive My main gripe is that the quality of Persian printing is not good, the letters are sharp enough but too small, often requiring a magnifying glass to read.

  2. Taimur Ayub Mughal Taimur Ayub Mughal says:

    I would of gave it 5 stars only if the Farsi was slightly bigger It s too small But apart from that the dictionary itself is quite thick and compact.Not an transliteration dictionary.

  3. Rose Johnson Rose Johnson says:

    Perfect condition and wonderful product.Little illustrations throughout the dictionary.It is in a small font but it is readable.

  4. David J James David J James says:

    It s true what the other reviewers said about small print hard to read I don t normaly worry about that.

  5. henlet henlet says:

    Since I m getting on a bit it s a pity I have to use a magnifying glass to be able to read the Persian text correctly