Free ePUB The Complete Guide to Physical SecurityAuthor Paul R Baker –

To adequately protect an organization, physical security must go beyond the gates, guns, and guards mentality that characterizes most security programs Creating a sound security plan involves understanding not only security requirements but also the dynamics of the marketplace, employee issues, and management goals The Complete Guide to Physical Security discusses the assets of a facility people, building, and location and the various means to protect them It emphasizes the marriage of technology and physical hardware to help those tasked with protecting these assets to operate successfully in the ever changing world of security The book covers specific physical security technologies, such as intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance systems including networked video It addresses the reasoning behind installations, how to work with contractors, and how to develop a central station for monitoring It also discusses government regulations for building secured facilities and SCIFs Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities Case examples demonstrate the alignment of security program management techniques with not only the core physical security elements and technologies but also operational security practices The authors of this book have nearlyyears combined experience in the security industry including the physical security and security management arenas Their insights provide the foundation for security professionals to develop a comprehensive approach to achieving physical security requirements while also establishing leadership roles that help further the overall mission of their organization

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