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A collection of short fictional works by the best selling author of Tishomingo Blues and Get Shorty features pieces written over the course of five decades and includes his first short story, The Trail of the Apache Reprint 25,000 first printing.

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    E un ampia raccolta di racconti western e bisogna amare il genere o desiderare di scoprirlo.Racconti a partire dagli anni 50 che fanno respirare la polvere della frontiera.Atmosfere e personaggi si susseguono in diverse declinazioni essenziali che coniugano semplicit e profondit.Le voci dei suoi personaggi sono sempre caratteristiche.Scommetto che Steven Spielberg lo ha letto e che non siano casuali un paio di citazioni omaggi in Indiana Jones e Star Wars.

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    Consigliato dal mio professore universitario per seguire il corso di letteratura americana incentrata sul wester Mi ritrovo un opera fantastica che mette insieme diverse storie wester che non fanno atro che farti immergere nell ambiente e spirito del tempo.

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    El Leonard un maestro del genere western smonta gli stereotipi del pistolero freddo ed infallibile, dello sceriffo rispettato, della donna che subisce e non agisce Le storie sono brevi, si leggono in fretta e con piacere Contiene 3 10 to Yuma, da cui stato tratto l omonimo film con Glenn Ford.

  4. IWilliam Stonehill IWilliam Stonehill says:

    This is a fascinating book I m not a fan of Westerns, but El Leonard is one of the writers I respect the most This book is fascinating in that you can watch his evolution as he teaches himself to write even though where he started from is far too high for most of us to reach and his writing improves with each story This book includes El Leonard s famous short story 3 10 to Yuma I think this story has now been filmed five times It s interesting to see that each successive film version of this story gets and violent as it drifts further and further away from Leonard s plot, which relies and superb timing and creation of atmosphere The final story in this collection is a recent work, The Tanto Woman which is Leonard writing at his most mature and the height of his power

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    Back in the Fifties, before he wrote the murder mysteries that made him famous, El Leonard wrote Westerns short stories for Western magazines This is a volume of all 30 of them, coming to over 500 pages They are set in the Arizona Territory of the 1870 s and 1880 s I am not a fan of Westerns but I found these astonishingly good and read them all The descriptions of place and people are masterful you can smell the sweat and dust, hear the rockslides and the rifle shots There are good guys and bad guys, the occasional Cavalry, Apaches in their waning years of freedom, successful and failed ranchers, scouts, inexperienced deputy marshals, and stagecoach company station keepers, and all are well and fully drawn Give these stories a try Five stars and every one of em earned.

  6. Lewkuh Lewkuh says:

    It took me way too long, but after this and Leonard s debut novel The Bounty Hunters, I think you can count me as an unabashed fan I remember reading this while waiting for my car to get fixed, with other people present in the waiting room, and I had to actively suppress saying out loud Dat s cool when something cool happened.Now, this almost visceral reaction happened about three pages into a story Let it be a testament to the efficiency of Leonard s writing that I had, in three pages or less, gotten such an affinity for the characters and situation presented that I had to bite my tongue not to embarrass myself in public.Leonard is no Tolkien thankfully , but, for a writer who appreciates terseness and getting to the point, he was also surprisingly good at sketching landscapes, an inescapable factor in a good western story After the first few shorts, I was thoroughly ingrained in the Arizona pecos and mountain ranges.Another surprisingly positive thing especially for shorts mostly published in the 50s is how damn progressive Leonard was when it came to race and gender.A few days ago, I dubbed him the anti Whedon everything s funny, but nothing s trying to be

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    Now known as one of America s best writers of crime fiction, El Leonard got his start writing western tales for pulp fiction magazines in the 1950s This retrospective collection of his western work consists of thirty short stories and novellas, presented in chronological order.If thirty stories sounds like a lot, it is With that many entries, this collection can t help but get repetitive How many stagecoach robberies can fit between the covers of one book Though none of the characters appear in than one story, the same types continually pop up under new names The first seven or eight stories lead the reader to believe Leonard may be a one trick pony He confines his subject and setting to the Apache country of Arizona The protagonist is usually a civilian scout hired to guide a party of soldiers, settlers, or criminals through Indian lands No matter how much the hero warns his employers about the dangers of such a trip, they stubbornly refuse to listen and plod forward regardless, with dire consequences Though Leonard has a respectful admiration for the Apaches, his portrayal of them is a stereotype nonetheless He depicts them as stoic killing machines, keenly intelligent and shrewdly calculating, until a drop of alcohol transforms them into murderous lunatics Though these early stories are strong individually, when read together they inspire a cumulative Apache fatigue.Thankfully, after the first quarter of the book Leonard broadens his scope and gets innovative with his plots and characterization In The Big Hunt, a young buffalo hunter and his companion, an old skinner, amass a bountiful collection of hides, but when the fruit of their labor is stolen from them by some bullies, the boy must set out after the thieves in search of restitution Saint with a Six Gun tells the tale of a newly appointed deputy marshal assigned to guard a dangerous gunslinger the week before his execution, a mission which may be than the green lawman can handle In The Rancher s Lady, a widower goes to meet his new bride, whom he has only known through correspondence Upon arrival, however, a former acquaintance informs him that she used to be employed at a house of ill repute Despite its lack of shoot em up action, it s one of the strongest selections in the book There are several longer, novella length pieces which give Leonard the opportunity to establish an ensemble cast of characters and explore the interactions between them One such entry is Trouble at Rindo s Station, in which a disgruntled Indian affairs agent, his crooked ex boss, and a couple of stagecoach robbing outlaws find themselves trapped by a violent band of Mescaleros As the collection progresses, Leonard s writing goes from good to better to excellent By the end of the book he has perfected the art of dialogue, and one begins to see the emergence of the wry, rapid fire banter that characterizes his Chili Palmer or Raylan Givens books The last two stories in the book, The Tonto Woman and Hurrah for Captain Early were included in Leonard s 2001 short story collection Fire in the Hole, and are both excellent examples of his later, mature style.With very few exceptions, these are all well crafted, entertaining stories Even if you re not particularly a fan of the western genre, if you like Leonard s writing, you will enjoy this book When originally written, these stories were not intended to be read together, and redundancy is an unfortunate by product of their juxtaposition The solution don t read them all at once To fully appreciate this hearty 30 course chuck wagon dinner, take a break between helpings and savor the flavor.