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Amazing insight on the writer s life from the most prolific playwright living I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for anyone pursuing playwriting or screenwriting A Practical And Disciplined LookAfter Years At His Profession, Ayckbourn Knows What He S Talking About Lloyd Rose, Washington Post Book Worldamusing, Thought Provoking, And Helpful In Turnhis Experiences Are Well Worth The Price Of The Book Susan L Peters, Library Journalan Entrancing Read No Matter What Part You Play In Playmaking Dany Margolies, Back Stagea Polished Gem Of Theater Lore Publishers Weekly AnnexThe New York Times On Alan Ayckbourn S Recent House And Garden As Ingeniously Constructed A Work As The Contemporary Theater Has To Offer House And Garden Does Justice Not Only To Mr Ayckbourn S Miraculous Engineering But To His Lightly Astringent, Not Quite Farcical Humor As Well The New York TimesFor The First Time, Alan Ayckbourn Shares All Of His Tricks Of The Playwright S Trade From Helpful Hints On Writing To Tips On Directing, The Book Provides A Complete Primer For The Newcomer And A Refresher For The Experienced Written In Ayckbourn S Signature Style That Combines Humor, Seriousness, And Heady Air Of Theatrical Sophistication That Noel Coward Would Envy, The Crafty Art Of Playmaking Is A Must Have For Aspiring Playwrights And Students Of Drama This is one of the best books on playwriting I have read Much better than the set texts for the Oxford online course I took Much practical, and less of the inane and often arguable theoretical advice in others Ayckbourn has a pleasant writing style and actually does something to encourage creativity. There are dozens of books out there on playwriting and about half that number on directing Unfortunately for us, neither Shakespeare, Chekhov nor Ibsen wrote books on how to write a play As a result, virtually all the authors of books about playwriting are academics who have never written a commercially produced play One has to question the value of such people s advice when dealing with the practical realities of the professional theatre Sir Alan Ayckbourn has changed all that He is the author director of at this writing a whopping 69 plays, a substantial portion of which have been critical and or commercial successes on London s West End and New York s Broadway as well as being translated into numerous languages and produced throughout the world The first part of the book is about the craft of playwriting Ayckbourn gives his advice in a straightforward series of obvious rules First he states the obvious rule and then illustrates it with an example, usually drawn from his own work Some of my favorites were, Obvious Rule No 2 Never start a play without an idea Obvious Rule of No 16 Never include a character with no real function Obvious Rule Number 14 At least 50 percent of your play is going to be visual Obvious Rule No 22 You can never know too much about your characters before you start Ayckbourn says that he takes about a year of thinking and planning before he actually writes a word of dialogue I found this section of the book extremely valuable Any playwright or would be playwright would profit from reading it.To my surprise, I found the second part of the book, which deals with direction, even valuable than the first part Aside from Harold Clurman s ON DIRECTING, I cannot think of another book about directing that has been written by a successful director Clurman s book is very good about reading a script and analyzing it and giving an overall view of how rehearsals are conducted Most books on directing provide this information But what sets Ayckbourn s book apart is that he talks mostly about dealing with actors To the best of my knowledge, no one has written about this aspect He tells how to handle fragile egos, how to deal with rivalries, how to state your criticism and the appropriate times to deal with certain issues He also gives good advice on conducting auditions and what personality traits to look for when casting Advice like this has long been needed.The book provides valuable information, but what makes it truly brilliant is the charming way it is written I found it delightful from start to finish, not to mention inspirational I cannot recommend this book highly enough to any theatre professional, not just writers and directors, but actors, designers and technicians as well Five stars plus. Ayckebourne is a master craftsman in the art of playwriting and he gives the reader some of his best techniques in the first half of the book Being an entertaining writer the book is also a good read for anyone who just loves attending theatre and wants to learn about the process of theatre The second half of the book is on directing It was a little less interesting for me but it is still a good insight into what a director does and a fun read Many people don t understand the role of a director in the production of drama Highly recommend.