Audiobooks Jodorowsky, A: The Dance of RealityAuthor Alejandro Jodorowsky –

Great Not a traditional autobiography composed of a chronological recounting of memories, Dance of Realityrepaints events from Jodorowsky s life from the perspective of an unleashed imagination Like the psychomagic and metagenealogy therapies he created, this autobiography exposes the mythic models and family templates upon which the events of everyday life are founded It reveals the development of Jodorowsky s realization that all problems are rooted in the family tree and explains, through vivid examples from his own life, particularly interactions with his father and mother, how the individual s road to true fulfilment means casting off the phantoms projected by parents on their children Dance of Realityis autobiography as an act of healing Through the retelling of his own life, the author shows we do not start off with our own personalities, they are given to us by one or members of our family tree To be born into a family, Jodorowsky says, is to be possessed To peer back into our past is equivalent to digging into our own souls If we can dig deep enough, beyond familial projections, we shall find an inner light a light that can help us through life s most difficult tests Offering a glimpse into the mind and life of one of the most creative and enigmatic visionaries of our time, Dance of Realityis the book upon which Jodorowsky s critically acclaimedCannes Film Festival film of the same name was based good stuff Of myself and you beyond the material comprehension we have been bound to.What a gift Mr Jodorowsky Your journey has become mine as well. I truly recommend this book It s amazing the sensibility of Alejandro Jodorowsky to write about life, art and spirituality. Great Dunes was even better Jodorowsky is an exceptional human being A remarkably deep, sensitive, and fascinating autobiography.