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At first I berated myself for lumping the whole trilogy together before I would give my review; however, after finishing Sojourn, I am glad that I held my review until I got the perspective of all three books.In a word: fantastic At first, I was unimpressed with Homeland, not liking the start Once I got going with it, however, I realised that my problem was that I felt like the beginning (circumstances surrounding Drizzt's birth) was just plopped in the front Once I started understanding the author's goal though, it started falling into place and I quickly fell in love, and despaired for Drizzt This was my first real knowledge of the Drow's way of life other than the terms Underdark, evil, and Spider Queen, but as I started comprehending the complex politics surrounding a drow's life, I wanted to explain to Drizzt how screwed he really was It seemed unbelievable to me that such an innocent could survive, and the book tantalizes you with the very thin line of survival regarding Drizzt's naiveity and Zak's protection.Exile was by far the BEST book of the three, in my opinion Wrapping up the links from Menzoberranzan and the hope for a better future, this book forces Drizzt to understand that evil is not everywhere Belwar's forgiveness and comprehension that Drizzt actually saved Belwar's life was an wonderful story of friendship Also Drizzt's futile but determined road to save Clacker keeps the reader hoping that by some miracle he can be saved, but inevitably, of course, that is impossible After the clear heroism of Zak, Drizzt determines that he must dothan flee the drow city, but also the Underdark.Sojourn is a book full of frustrating coincidences that seems to constantly screw Drizzt mostly due to Drizzt's lack of knowledge of the surface cultures However, the overall terribly sad story of Drizzt's struggle to maintain a life on the surface for seven years makes the stories of Mooshie and the moutain dwarves with Cattibrie so poignant and special, giving hope to Drizzt's future.After all, Drizzt is still very young, despite all these experiences. I LOVE THIS SERIES AND DRIZZZZZZZZZT!!!! 3*MEGA HUGE FANGIRL SCREAM* I was really looking forward to reading these books because several people I know positively raved about R.A Salvatore.Remind me to hunt those people down later and beat them to death with a chunk of moldy cheese.These were some of the worst books I've ever read I'm not sure how it's possible to make fearsome battles and magic swords and dark elves so boring and annoying but Mr Salvatore managed to do both I haven't seen such a whiney protaganist since Luke Skywalker (and I love Star Wars, don't get me wrong.) Note to you Mr Salvatore, leave the martyred saints to religion don't make them your main characters. Sublime worldbuilding and a very very angry culture of backstabbing and selfaggrandizement make atypical dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden the DD legend that he is under Salvatore's masterful touch Fraught with visceral combat and plenty of politics, it is the kill or be killed cauldron of morality that makes Drizzt's exciting character study and adventures so good Excellent trilogy for fans of dark fantasy. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! Drizzt is definitely a beloved character and his story tells of good and evil in a world that he is just trying to find peace and companionship in The friendships in this book are absolutely amazing I'm so glad I have plentyof these books to dive into! I managed to find a heaaaaap of hardcover novels from this series at a charity book sale annoyingly enough, books 16 were not there, so I've ordered this bindup of the first trilogy to get myself started.I adored the Neverwinter Nights games when I was younger, so I'm hoping I enjoy this series as well :) Exil SE Homeland Tl Loisirs Exil SE Homeland Carrie a quitt la CIS pour prendre un nouveau dpart en Allemagne Elle travaille pour la fondation Dring en qualit de chef de la scurit et vit avecCambodian Culture SinceHomeland andNotRetrouvez Cambodian Culture SinceHomeland and Exile et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Homeland Exil Exil SE , sur leWeek end Guides de France Guide des loisirs Escapades Patrimoine Restaurant Homeland Exil Ansia da separazione diffusions tlHomeland Exil Ansia da separazione Retrouvez le rsum de votre programme, et les prochaines diffusions du programme Homeland avec Le Parisien L invention d un homeland armnien en thiopieIl est tentant de lier l exprience de l exil la notion de diaspora pour voquer une condition incomplte qui dfinirait l une et l autre, comme si l usage univoque du terme homeland se justifiait par un tropisme des diasporas pour leur pays d origine C est faire peu de cas de l autonomie des acteurs et des ancrages des individus dans leur socit deHomeland as Exile, Exile as Homeland Words An answer not lacking in romanticism, but this is nothing strange, for there is no connotation of homeland or exile to the words homeland and exile in the gypsy language Maybe this outlook is one of the sources of creativity and maybe this enriches the arteries through which the blood of writing flows Homeland Forgotten Realms novel Wikipedia Exile Homeland is a fantasy novel by American writer by R A Salvatore , the first book in The Dark Elf Trilogy , a prequel to The Icewind Dale Trilogy It follows the story of Drizzt Do Urden from the time and circumstances of his birth and his upbringing amongst the drow dark elves Paroles et traduction Taylor Swift exile Ft Bon IverExil Justin Vernon I can see you standing, honey Je te vois l, ma douce With his arms around your body Avec ses bras autour de ton corps Laughin , but the joke s not funny at all Riant, mais la blague n est pas drle du tout And it took you five whole minutes Et a t a pris en tout cinq minutes To pack us up and leave me with it Pour nous emballer et me laisser avec a Holdin all thisTaylor Swift exile Lyrics Genius Lyrics exile Lyrics I can see you standing, honey With his arms around your body Laughin , but the joke s not funny at all And it took you five whole minutes To pack us up and leave me with it This is a compilation book that includes Salvatore's entire Dark Elf Trilogy Homeland, Exile, and Sojourn are chronologically the first adventures of the endearing forgotten realms hero Drizzt Do'Urden The books deal with the themes of personal integrity in the face of adversity, friendship, and being true to one's self Many readers who are not drawn to fantasy books will despise the first book; Homeland, but it is the most important one and I found it to be the most interesting In Homeland, Drizzt has to grow up in a society possessed with greed and hatred As he grows into a adult he sees how much hate is spread through his family and the dark elf society His mentor and instructional swordmaster, Zaknafien is the only one speaks to Drizzt about integrity and righteous actions, in the face of incredible adversity and hate As the plot unfolds, betrayals are commonplace in drow society and Drizzt decides he can no longer live in a culture of hate He ventures out into the underdark (the great cavern systems that lie beneath the surface of the earth's crust) to find something greater than he could ever expect to live towards in the great drow city of Mezzoberanzan Exile begins right after he leaves the safety of the drow city, and records his ventures in the underdark The adventures of Drizzt continue through many books, all written by Salvatore, and recurring themes are those of struggling against adversity, and finding one's true calling I highly recommend reading the Dark Elf Trilogy for a good dose of imaginative storytelling and incredible adventures in a colorful fantasy world. It's hard for me to find a book that's crappier that Twilight, with even paler characters andpredictable outcomes.Well, this is one of those.This book should be a school example of how NOT to write.Speaking of the main character, Drizzt, I see him as Twilight's Edward, only instead of 12 year old girls, he is here to sparkle the imagination of 12 year old boys.(12 here stands for any age before discovery of sex life)Both Edward and Drizzt are heroes without a flaw, strong, brave, smart, talented, charismatic, boring, boring, boring Mary Sue characters that make my brain bleed Those unfamiliar with term Mary Sue character, check here: both Edward and Drizzt come from evil background, one is a sparkling vampire, the other is BDSM femdom dark elf, but they overcome their legacy to be jolly good fellas.And even sparkle is a common trait Edward sparkles, and Drizzt has a sword named sparkle Horrible.Besides having Drizzt for his hero, Salvatore writes his books as a RPG session transcripts, where hero can walk around the caves, find the magic ring just lying there, put it on the finger and suddenly feelnimble or something stupid like that And so on, and on, and on I believe that books like these make the fantasy genre look trashy and unworthy Please, don't judge the entire genre by these books, there are good and serious writers here. I have to admit that I read this I am, thusly, admitting that I have a problem I've read books that were hard to put down, but this trilogy was basically impossible to put out of my head to eat, to sleep, anything It scared me how powerfully it had hold of my consciousness I felt, and still rather feel, like the author was using some kind of painful trickery on me, and I don't really appreciate it At the same time, I suppose it might be a good set of books, as I remember details from it perfectly after years of not touching it On the other hand, it could just be because it's one of the only books of its type hardcore action fantasy that I've read I also remember details perfectly from the one western I read halfway through at the age of twelve, and it was TERRIBLE.