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Kurt marries the daughter of a rancher and she nurses him back to health after his tour of Germany during World War I The film Riders of the Dawn was based on his book

15 thoughts on “The Desert of Wheat (English Edition)

  1. Oldslob Oldslob says:

    I read this as a boy, many years ago and it made quite an impression on me It is good to re visit it with a greater knowledge of the history of the period.

  2. R J Cooper R J Cooper says:

    Thoroughly engrossing read, different from his normal westerns An unusual view of the Great War period from a North Western American perspective.

  3. Mrs. Chantal Bristow Mrs. Chantal Bristow says:

    My husband wanted this book because he had read it as a child and wanted to read it again, 60 years on No problem with the seller, no problem with delivery.

  4. mr g mc lay. mr g mc lay. says:

    Not one of his best

  5. jennifer rutherford jennifer rutherford says:

    Good book

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:


  7. robert watson robert watson says:

    very good

  8. marketing-sales.co Customer marketing-sales.co Customer says:

    OK read

  9. Harold Watkins Harold Watkins says:

    Great book, tho a little boring at some points in the book.

  10. David LeMoine David LeMoine says:

    Beautiful language Great story Lovely description of landscape and country Different time and reality to enjoy from a master author.

  11. Daniel Daniel says:

    This book came up under an search for westerns I suspect this is due to the fact that the author is known for that genre This book, however, is not what I would call a western That said, the book isn t bad It s not a barn burner The author spends a great deal of time waxing, both, political and philosophical under the guise of his main character This isn t too distracting until about three quarters of the way through when the main character finally finds his war.If this book had been written by a different author, I might have put this one down I m glad I didn t.

  12. Warren A. Lewis Warren A. Lewis says:

    Excellent history lesson here on the destruction a foreign labor union called the I.W.W tried to do to the US during World War I In this book we observed what a grain farmer went through dealing with this destructive labor union and the property destroyed when their demands were not met The book focused on a young farmer of German descent, Kurt Dorn, who is totally loyal to America and his father who throws away years of living the American Dream to support Germany and its vicious labor union Throw in a little romantic interest in the form of Lenore Anderson, whose father owns a big debt owed by the Dorns The problem that presents itself is a self destructive determination of Kurt that he must join the the Army to kill Germans as a punishment for having German blood The US government will grant him an exception from service in order to grow wheat to feed the nation and its servicemen, but he won t accept it for the woman who loves him Very good read.

  13. james james says:

    This is nothing less than a work of literature It is complete, complex and compelling The characters struggle against their own natures, their culture, and nature itself to find answers to the question who am I The themes and symbols are rich and well supported by the narrative This is, however, as much a book for the casual reader as it is for the literary minded If you were, for some reason, expecting a clap board western you might want to seek drier watering holes.This book is the real deal by a masterful author I m personally sorry I never picked up a Zane Grey book before now, and I m not sure that I m even comfortable throwing my poor reviewing and writing skills at this masterwork.Just read it for yourself, and keep it on your Kindle or bookshelf when you need a reminder of what a great book should be.

  14. Colorado Smith Colorado Smith says:

    One young man s struggle to be an American Fighting his immigrant father to whom America is just a place to make money, the boy must fight his father, labor organizers, terrorism, and his duty to serve before he can find happiness with the woman he loves Thought provoking action whether labor organizers worked to improve pay and work conditions or whether they were paid foreign agents to destroy grains and lumber needed by German foes.

  15. Dorothy Ratliff Dorothy Ratliff says:

    Very good, let s you know what problems we had in the early days of the IWW or the labor unions There was so much trouble going on with the unions, that farmer s crops were burned and all their income was lost Also the 1st world war has started and the U.S was fighting against the Germans Kurt Dorn, whose father was German, but who had lived in the states for 50 years, thought the IWW was a good thing, until his wheat crops were destroyed, and then he realized what the IWW was all about Kurt Dorn was determined to go and fight for his country as he said that even though he was half German, he was an American He fought, was wounded, and returned home to once again be a wheat farmer Recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story