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The Director S Craft Is A Unique And Completely Indispensable Step By Step Guide To Directing For The Stage Written By One Of The Most Adventurous And Respected Directors Working Today, This Book Will Be An Essential Item In Every Student And Practitioner S Kitbag It Provides Detailed Assistance With Each Aspect Of The Varied Challenges Facing All Theatre Directors, And Does So With Startling Clarity It Will Inspire Everyone, From The Beginner Just Starting Out To The Experienced Practitioner Looking To Reinvigorate Their Practice Katie Mitchell Shares And Explains The Key Practical Tools She Uses To Approach Her Work With Both Actors, Production Teams, And The Text Itself She Addresses Topics Such As The Ideas That Underpin A Play S Text Preparing Improvizations Twelve Golden Rules For Working With Actors Managing The Transition From Rehearsal Room To Theatre Analyzing Your Work After A Run Has Ended Each Chapter Concludes With A Summary Of Its Critical Points, Making This An Ideal Reference Work For Both Directors And Actors At Any Stage Of Their Development

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  1. Adron Adron says:

    Essential for the beginner A clear and precise methodology that will organize your efforts and allow you to get the best from your actors I am directing my third play and I wish I had read this book earlier Following Ms Mitchell s guidance has given me tremendous confidence while working with actors If you follow her process you will be able to answer questions, set scenes and give your actors the best chance to succeed.

  2. Alfonso R. Alfonso R. says:

    Great purchase Excellent service Love this book

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  4. Ashleigh Schneider Ashleigh Schneider says:

    Used for my directing class

  5. OrianaHH OrianaHH says:

    This is probably one of the few books that actually breaks down the roles and responsibility of the directing profession There are some segments I do not agree with, but like many readings, we have to take our own perspective If you are looking to become a serious director or need to find a structure to teach directing, this book is a good start.