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Everything You Need To Get Dramatic In The ClassroomThis Easy To Use, Comprehensive Teacher Resource Book Has Lesson Plans And Practical Activities That Integrate Theater Into Language Learning Plus Ten Original Scripts So You Can Put The Activities Into Action Immediately Drama And Play Scripts Can Be Used To Teach Pronunciation, Pragmatics, And Other Communication Skills, As Well As Provide Grammar And Vocabulary Practice Conveniently Organized Into Two Parts, Part Includes Pragmatics Mini Lessons, Community Builders, Drama Games, And Pronunciation Activities There Are Also Lesson Plans For Producing A Play Either Fully Staged Or As Reader S Theater , As Well As Guidelines And Activities For Writing Plays To Use With Or Without Students, And Suggestions For Integrating Academic Content You Ll Even Find Rubrics And Evaluation Schemes For Giving Notes And Feedback Part Includes Original Monologues And Scripts Of Varying Lengths That Can Be Photocopied And Used In The Classroom Specifically Designed To Feature Everyday Language And High Frequency Social Interactions, These Scenes And Sketches Follow Engaging Plot Arcs In Which Characters Face Obstacles And Strive To Achieve Objectives With A Foreword By Ken Wilson, This Book Is A Must Have For Anyone Interested In Using The Performing Arts To Help Students Become Confident And Fluent Speakers

5 thoughts on “The Drama Book: Lesson Plans, Activities, and Scripts for English-Language Learners

  1. Masoud Masoud says:

    I bought this book to use as a supplement in my speaking skills class I wanted to try doing some role plays and other activities that would foster spontaneous practice The Drama book is helping me with that, and so far, I ve enjoyed doing the lessons For example, I started with a pronunciation game where students work on saying common utterances like, That s ridiculous, or What happened with stress emphasis and different attitudes That was a fun ice breaker Then we did role plays where students had to act out a situation in which they had different goals They actually used some of the expressions from the previous exercise, which felt good The role plays also led to an interesting discussion of how people sometimes say what they mean but sometimes they don t I haven t tried any of the sketches and scripts yet, but they seem to include models of natural dialog, and I appreciate that they are often paired with very specific language learning activities All in all, there s a lot of interesting and original material here, and I expect to be exploring the different options for a long time

  2. Jennifer DeLapp Jennifer DeLapp says:

    This teacher resource book has everything you need to explore ELT through theater The book has two main parts The first part includes drama activities for creating community and working on pronunciation and conversation strategies pragmatics The second part includes monologues, sketches and short scripts to read, discuss and or perform Teachers who want to try drama can start with the simple one off activities Then if they want to go further, they can move on to performance based projects There are chapters on using roleplays and improv, monologues, sketches and short plays These are followed by chapters on writing and workshopping original scripts and a short intro to academic content through process drama There are even rubrics and schemes for assessment I appreciate this progression because I don t really know what is supposed to happen in a drama class, and the book has very concrete ideas for bridging language goals with performance Specifically, I m thinking that students can overcome fear of public speaking and gain confidence and strategies for preparing for job interviews or other high stakes interactions The scripts are fun but not too silly or heavy, and I can imagine that with a little work, they d be fun to produce The mini sketches are short funny scenes that illustrate different ways that people manage things like a confession or asking for a favor These are followed by longer sketches that can spark discussion of social behavior I particularly liked one where a student picks up the visiting soccer team at an airport It turns out the student is a terrible driver, and yet the passengers impulse to be polite prevents them from taking charge of the situation Finally, there is a short play, which explores the effects of conspiracy theories on a medical scientist s efforts to study an alternative treatment for infections Like Savage s other short plays, this script includes characters and conversation that draw from daily life but with a plot All in all, it s a quirky book and well worth it My only caveat is that the font is a little small, but that s a minor complaint I have had fun with the activities I ve tried so far, and I think the author is really on to something in creating a meaningful and fun approach to pronunciation and interpersonal skills I am eager to try and am looking forward to using it in my conversation classes this semester.

  3. AmberMoon86 AmberMoon86 says:

    I must start by saying that I m probably not exactly in the target reader group for this book I m a homeschooling mom with relatively young kids and this is clearly intended for teachers with a full classroom, either college or maybe high school But there are a lot of fun ideas and activities that I don t think it will take me much effort to adapt and use with my kids Most of the short plays included even had a small enough character list that I should be able to make it work with my family I m certain that my kids are going to enjoy this once we get started.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review, but my opinions are my own.

  4. Sharon Sharon says:

    I thought this was a well written and organized book It s easy to follow and includes some interesting and fun activities that can be easily utilized within the classroom I think any English or Drama teacher would be happy to read this book and place some of the ideas into their teaching.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  5. Dr. Patricia Eroh Dr. Patricia Eroh says:

    This book will help me when I get back to teaching in the fall as this holds some interesting ideas for lessons I am really thankful for the help this author is sharing I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.