Textbooks The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East By Eugene Rogan – Bilb-weil.de

A remarkably readable, judicious and well researched account of the Ottoman war in Anatolia and the Arab provinces Mark Mazower,Financial Times Rogan has written an impressively sound and fair minded account of the fall of the Ottoman Empire Max Hastings,Sunday Times UKAn assured account The book stands alongside the best historiesEconomist The book is not only exact and readable but also has the elements of a thriller and thus is all theremarkable in view of its thoroughness in covering a linguistically and historically difficult subjectWall Street Journal This engrossing history unfolds in the Middle Eastern theatre of the First World War, capturing the complex array of battles, brutalities, and alliances that brought down the six hundred year old Ottoman Empire Rogan argues that the empire s ultimate demise was the result not of losing the war but of a clumsily negotiated peace His balanced narrative unearths many seeds of current conflictsNew Yorker Admirable and thoroughly researched A comprehensive history of World War I in the Middle EastNew York Review of Books An intricately worked but very readable account of the Ottoman theocracy s demise This is an extraordinary tale and Rogan recounts it wellNew York Times To have written a page turner as well as an accurate and comprehensive history of the Ottoman struggle for survival is a remarkable achievementWall Street Journal As the Middle East is collapsing all around us, if you wanted to know where it all began and when, read this great book by a great Oxford historian Fareed Zakaria,Fareed Zakaria GPS, Book of the Week Rogan s account is geopolitical and military writing at its best taut, anecdotal and extraordinarily researched A tangled story, to be sure, one that both commands and rewards the reader s attentionWashington TimesThe thrilling and definitive history of World War I in the Middle EastAn Economist Best Book of the YearBythe powers of Europe were sliding inexorably toward war, and they pulled the Middle East along with them into one of the most destructive conflicts in human history In The Fall of the Ottomans, award winning historian Eugene Rogan brings the First World War and its immediate aftermath in the Middle East to vivid life, uncovering the often ignored story of the region s crucial role in the conflict Unlike the static killing fields of the Western Front, the war in the Middle East was fast moving and unpredictable, with the Turks inflicting decisive defeats on the Entente in Gallipoli, Mesopotamia, and Gaza before the tide of battle turned in the Allies favor The postwar settlement led to the partition of Ottoman lands, laying the groundwork for the ongoing conflicts that continue to plague the modern Arab world A sweeping narrative of battles and political intrigue from Gallipoli to Arabia, The Fall of the Ottomans is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the Great War and the making of the modern Middle East