[ Free eBook ] The Fearless Footballer: Playing Without Hesitation: A Practical Guide for Building Self-Confidence and Personal Courage in Soccer and in Your Personal LifeAuthor Eitan Azaria – Bilb-weil.de

The Fearless Footballer Is Not Just Another How To Book On How To Become A Successful Footballer It Is Not About Scoring Goals Or Assists To Your Resume Yet These Secrets Will Help You To Get Exponentially Goals Assists Than You Ve Ever Experienced Before It Is Not About Showing Your Full Potential In Game Time Yet These Secrets Will Automatically Make You Bring The Same Type Of Performance From Practice To Game Time Than Any Gym Training Ever Could The Fearless Footballer Is A Shortcut This Book Will Take You By The Hand And Show You How To Play Without Hesitation, And How To Bring The Same Type Of Performance From Practice To Game Time Even In A Packed Stadium With , Spectators, You Will Feel As If You Are Playing In Your Own Backyard This Book Will Show You How To Easily Overcome The Fears, Concerns, And Pressure That Are Preventing You From Playing A Relaxed Game, And How You Can Show The True Abilities That You Have And That Are Waiting To Come Out You Will Learn How To Develop The Character And Personality Of A Fearless Player That Player Who Performs Special Moves On The Field That You Can Do Too You Will Learn How To Become That Football Player Who Loves To Receive The Ball During The Most Critical Minutes Of The Game That Player Who Believes Themselves To Be The Best Player At That Moment To Receive The Ball And To Have An Impact On The Game After Listening To This Audiobook, You Will Be Able To Forget That You Ever Had Fears Or Concerns Such As The Fear Of Making Critical Mistakes The Fear Of Ending Your Career Because You Missed Something And Discovering That All Your Effort Has Been A Waste Of Time The Fear Of Being Injured The Fear Of Failing During The Last Move The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough The Fear Of Embarrassing Yourself And Of Making Yourself Look Bad In Front Of Everyone The Fear Of The Coach Replacing You If You Make Mistakes

6 thoughts on “The Fearless Footballer: Playing Without Hesitation: A Practical Guide for Building Self-Confidence and Personal Courage in Soccer and in Your Personal Life

  1. D. D. Pianta D. D. Pianta says:

    Such a great book I have it on audible and paper format Such an interesting read

  2. Read with Me Read with Me says:

    I will be the first one to admit..I am not a football aka soccer for us American s fan So when I agreed to review this book, I did so with a sinking heart I really felt this would be one of those books that I wouldn t be able to finish And with it being a self help book, my anxiety over reading it made it even worse.But once I got into reading the book, I found it was full of some really good advice Advice that I could dumb down and use on B See, B is playing softball and if full of self doubt about actually being good She expressed that to me one day over dinner and I decided to follow some of Mr Azaria s self confidence lessons.just changed so they could be on a 10 year old level And it worked Like truly worked and that really impressed me.Of course, there were a ton of football soccer references in there, which strangely enough I got Which is really weird because I am not a football soccer fan Go figure.lol.I also did find the advice in this book can be used towards everyday events too Nothing that I used but I could see myself using in the foreseeable future.Will I reccomend this book to family and friends YesWould I buy this book again YesAge Range All ages but I would think mainly adults would read it.

  3. Brittany B Brittany B says:

    I normally don t enjoy reading self help books or anything that may even sound like a self help book.However, I found Azaria s writing style, his voice to be very appealing and even humorous at times While he addresses situations in which fear can and does affect football players, I found myself thinking that the advice could be applied to really any situation where performance anxiety can arise hello public speaking.Just about everyone I know, suffers from public speaking anxiety Azaria pointed out that our body s reaction the nausea, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat and shakiness is our body s fight or flight response That anxiety over a perceived danger is making our body respond as though there were actual life threatening danger and succumbing to that is what causes athletes to hesitate on a shot they know they can take It causes one to stutter in the middle of a speech you could have given in your sleep.Azaria provides methods to work through perceived dangers to help master performance anxiety in ways that can not only help athletes, but just about any one who has ever suffered performance anxiety.Disclaimer I have received this title at a discount in exchange for sharing my opinions.

  4. Deeunichic Deeunichic says:

    My son is a soccer player He plays on an elite team and is always searching for ways to push himself further I was really excited about reading this book because I hoped that it could give him some useful tips on how to improve Although some of the concepts in this book have been floating around for many years, it is nice to be reminded of them and written in a way that any athlete, ages 11 12 years old and up can understand and implement It s all about facing your fears Your fears will be unique to you, since not everyone has the same hurdles to overcome.There are letters and blurbs that are in the book, that you can copy and put out in a place where you can read them often as reminders that essentially state that your potential is endless as long as you don t let your fears overcome you i.e Making mistakes, missing the ball, coach yelling at you for making mistakes, letting down your fans family etcetc Lots of great little messages and tips I gave this 4 stars because it tended to be just a little repetitive and there were several grammar and spelling errors that need a fix Nonetheless, this is a great book for kids 11 18 roughly , trying to go further in their sport, and of course it has tidbits of usefulness for us adults too

  5. h.c h.c says:

    I would say I probably fall in the atheism category.nevertheless I feel there is much to learn from every belief religion.The book is very concise , it took me about 3 hours to read it

  6. 14th-century.se Customer 14th-century.se Customer says:

    Though i am not a football player, this book has really helped me focus better on The game my game, and be less nervous.I use the methodologies in my private life as well and I would highly recommend this book.Once you start reading, it is almost impossible to drop it untill you finish reading it.The message and the idea stays with me in the day to day Occupations.Would love to read of this.