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In The Feeling Of Greatness Second Edition, Golf Coach Tim O Connor Updates His Previous Biography Of The Late, Great Canadian Golfer Moe Norman, Who Was Famous For Introducing The Single Plane Golf Swing This Edition Includes New Anecdotes About Moe Both On And Off The Course By Golfers, Journalists, Friends, And Family And Offers A In Depth Portrait Of The Man And Golfer, Especially In The Last Years Of His Life O Connor Shares With Listeners His Personal And Professional Friendships With Moe Along The Way Some Years Later, From A Distanced Perspective, O Connor Sets The Record Straight About Norman, Promotes His Legacy As The Legendary Golfer He Was, And Reflects On Life Lessons Learned From Their Association Over The Years

6 thoughts on “The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story: Second Edition

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  2. C. K. Martin C. K. Martin says:

    Been a fan of Moe Norman and his uniqueness to the game of golf This book did not live up to its potential We read a lot about Moe and some of his eccentric behavior, but never really got much in the background behind it or how he made an unusual swing technique work for him Book left me wanting depth.

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    If you like golf, this would be an important addition to your library and knowledge of the game Moe Norman was one of Canada s greatest golfers His personal eccentricities prevented him from being a success at the professional level However, golf professionals and amateurs alike who were familiar with the man all spoke to his extraordinary abilities as a golfer Definitely a worthwhile read.

  4. Rick Rick says:

    Very well written biography of Moe Norman, with a wealth of information regarding the single plane swing as developed and practised by him Also lots of insight into the man s personality the author must have known him well All in all, an absorbing, and very readable biography of person few people know about.

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    Excellent book on the live of a little known golf genius This man did it his way More people should try his golfing style He deserves a place in history.

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