{read online pdf} The Floating Outfit 32: The Law of the Gun (A Floating Outfit Western) (English Edition) Author J T Edson – Bilb-weil.de

Taking out his much prized Smith You call that a gun asked the Ysabel Kid.Happen you aim to tangle with Reckharts men, warned Dusty Fog, youd better get something better than an itty bitty stingy gun or make your will.Looking at the tiny.32 caliber revolver, Mark Counter nodded Was I a praying man, Id shout Amen to that.Ed Ballinger had a lot to learn about the west including how to live by the law of the gun J.T Edson was a former British Army dog handler who wrotethan 130 Western novels, accounting for some 27 million sales in paperback Edsons works produced on a word processor in an Edwardian semi at Melton Mowbray contain clear, crisp action in the traditions of B movies and Western television series What they lack in psychological depth is made up for by at least twelve good fights per volume Each portrays a vivid, idealized West That Never Was, at a pace that rarely slackens.