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One Of The Most Profound Changes In Business And Society Is The Emergence Of The Post Millennial Generation, Gen Z While Every New Generation Has Faced Its Share Of Disruption In Technology, Economics, Politics And Society, No Other Generation In The History Of Mankind Has Had The Ability To Connect Every Human Being On The Planet To Each Other And In The Process To Provide The Opportunity For Each Person To Be Fully Educated, Socially And Economically EngagedWhat Might This Mean For Business, Markets, And Educational Institutions In The Future In This Revolutionary New Book, The Gen Z Effect The Six Forces Shaping The Future Of Business, Authors Tom Koulopoulos And Dan Keldsen Delve Into A Vision Of The Future Where Disruptive Invention And Reinvention Is The Acknowledged Norm, Touching Almost Every Aspect Of How We Work, Live And Play From Radical New Approaches To Marketing And Manufacturing To The Potential Obliteration Of Intellectual Property And The Shift To Mass Innovation, To The Decimation Of Our Oldest Learning Institutions Through Open Source And Adaptive Learning, The Gen Z Effect Provides A Mind Bending View Of Why We Will Need To Embrace Gen Z As The Last, Best Hope For Taking On The Worlds Biggest Challenges And Opportunities, And How You Can Prepare Yourself And Your Business For The Greatest Era Of Disruption, Prosperity, And Progress The World Has Ever Experienced

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  1. MK MK says:

    For the past 4 months, I have involved in a research project that involves interviewing Fortune 100 C Level Executives about the pressures they face and ponder about the future of their business in the fastest, most agile, most connected, and culturally and generational diverse workplace, they have ever experienced.This is than technology It is about people, future, leadership, and innovation What I hear most often are questions about the people and culture in the workforce and the the resistance to change from older generational employees to the confusion and bewilderment that the next generation of leaders are facing Yes it is about the customer experience, business, strategies and technology, but it goes beyond that and this bookI was so excited that my copy of The Gen Z effect arrived a day early from I ripped open the box, grabbed a cup of coffee and began reading it right away.It was so compelling and thought provoking, I read it in one night It went beyond cliche labels and differentiation of generational shifts and instead challenges basic beliefs about the way we operate across all generations rather than stark comparisons.I had to As a parent of what I will now call Gen Z kids I can see on a day to day basis the contrasts and similarities between my generation, Baby Boomers to Gen Y , Millennials and Now the Z s After I finished the book, I picked up the Wall St Journal and there was a huge headline, McDonald s Hacks at Its Buereaucrqcy A quote struck me as it relates to this book McDonalds U.S.A President, Mike Andres states., The reality is that our current corporate U.S structure is not optimized for the customer He goes on to say what has worked in the past will not propel the business forward in the future Later he states If we want to grow beyond our current results, we need to evolve beyond our current model Mr Andres should buy a copy of the The Gen Z Effect The Six Forces shaping the future of business Maybe he has The adjacent story was Wal Mart Targets No one is safe and don t get caught in a race to the bottom Differentiate and Personalize That is McDonald s plan.The authors write that this next generation of leaders will have a significant impact on the future of the planet and business And They already are.They are the most connected online generation to date The force behind their generation will as the authors write, Shape the Future of Business The Z genration will.

  2. WayneNH WayneNH says:

    There is a simple elegance in how Tom and Dan not only identify the six forces shaping our future, but make it easy to understand and universally relevant I had the privilege to receive an advance copy of the book, and am now in the process of integrating it into a college course that I teach, as well as sharing it where I work It is entertaining and fast moving until you stop and realize how relevant this is to you as you make your future plans But don t worry Read The Gen Z Effect and you will understand the rapid changes of today and what makes tomorrow so exciting.

  3. LKJ LKJ says:

    Great Book and I was really lucky to Interview Dan on VoiceAmerica, and he was great, the book is really worth reading and thinking about You do not need to be a leader or a manager to read this, everyone should, but if you are manager or a leader it is a must.

  4. Jack C Crawford Jack C Crawford says:

    I wait eagerly for Kindle to enable us to copy snippets to paste in our social posts Until then, I shall be taking quite a few screen shots from Gen Z There s too much to retain in my eager mind Buy it Read it again and again.

  5. D Hizzy D Hizzy says:

    Great book about diversity amongst people and age is no longer a barrier but a stepping stone to perspective in the world.