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With exquisite, poetic prose, Kahf teaches us so much about the diversity of American Muslims You can see the commonalities between the immigrant Muslim community and the conservative Midwestern culture, between the child of Christian missionaries and the child of those commissioned to shore up and educate the faith and practice of Muslims in America, between the orthodox Jewish woman and the conservative Muslim woman, and the outsiderness of any religious person In secular society Perspectives that I only wondered about, but never heard on the Iranian revolution, Palestine, The Gulf war, the immodesty of American women, and the varieties of hijab. Syrian Immigrant Khadra Shamy Is Growing Up In A Devout, Tightly Knit Muslim Family In S Indiana, At The Crossroads Of Bad Polyester And Islamic Dress Codes Along With Her Brother Eyad And Her African American Friends, Hakim And Hanifa, She Bikes The Indianapolis Streets Exploring The Fault Lines Between Muslim And American When Her Picture Perfect Marriage Goes Sour, Khadra Flees To Syria And Learns How To Pray Again On Returning To America She Works In An Eastern State Taking Care To Stay Away From Indiana, Where The Murder Of Her Friend Tayibas Sister By Klan Violence Years Before Still Haunts Her But When Her Job Sends Her To Cover A National Islamic Conference In Indianapolis, Shes Back On Familiar Ground Attending A Concert By Her Brothers Interfaith Band The Clash Of Civilizations, Dodging Questions From The Aunties And Uncles, And Running Into The Recently Divorced Hakim Everywhere Beautifully Written And Featuring An Exuberant Cast Of Characters, The Girl In The Tangerine Scarf Charts The Spiritual And Social Landscape Of Muslims In Middle America, From Five Daily Prayers To The Indy Car Race It Is A Riveting Debut From An Important New Voice Using this novel as required reading for my Intro to Lit Freshman comp class because it delivers a rich mixture of the complexity facing Muslims in America Students were at first put off by it, but by the time they d finished it, all agreed it had been a valuable use of their time. The prose of Mohja Kahf is beautiful and simple She has a storytelling knack, but the subject matter is where she pours heart and soul Khadra s growth as a person through her multiple identities as a woman, an Arab, a Muslim, an American, a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and so on, highlights the complexities that entangle first generation Americans who are caught in an East West divide They must navigate for themselves and create a space that did not previously exist The novel sets Khadra s expectations of the world against its actual realities, but both the reader and Khadra walk away changed, and perhaps for the better. This is such a good book Written so well.Really depicts the struggle of living in two cultures As an Orthodox Jew in America, I saw so many parallels between my life and the protagonist s.Anyone interested in understanding cultures, assimilation, religion, immigration, discrimination, racism, Islam, or people in general read this.