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For The Last Decade, Golfers Of All Abilities Have Been Drawn To The Teachings Of Bob Doc Rotella His Audiobooks Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect, Golf Is A Game Of Confidence, The Golf Of Your Dreams, And Putting Out Of Your Mind Have All Become Classics For Golfers Everywhere Weekend Golfers And Pros Like Brad Faxon, Darren Clarke, Padraig Harrington, Tom Kite, And Davis Love III All Listen To The Man They Call Doc Because His Teachings Are Simple And Direct, And In The End, What Doc Says Makes Them Play Better Golf The Golfer S Mind Was Actually First Suggested By Davis Love, Jr Davis Love III S Dad, Who Encouraged Doc To Create An Instruction Audiobook On Golf S Mental Challenges, Organized By Topic Doc Heard What Love Said, And Years Later, The Golfer S Mind Is That Audiobook From His Ten Commandments To Rotella S Rules To Just About Any Topic A Golfer Might Imagine, This Is The Ideal Way For Players To Get All Of Rotella S Teachings

9 thoughts on “The Golfer's Mind: Play to Play Great

  1. Carla B. White Carla B. White says:

    Every golfer should have a copy of Bob s book if they want to improve It makes so Much common sense It will make you think most differently about your golf and you will accept it all the .

  2. gordon a finlay gordon a finlay says:


  3. Davhgehr Davhgehr says:

    A friend loaned me a book written by Dr Bob Rotella I was very impressed, and after finding that he did the same tittles on cd as well , I bought the set.

  4. Jim Jim says:

    A book to read time and again, not only for golf but other sports and daily life as well See for yourself.

  5. num1dgh num1dgh says:

    I am a HUGE Bob Rotella fan, and he has had a very big impact on my golf game I was extremely disappointed, however, with the quality of this digital copy Hardly a paragraph was typo free, and it was often difficult to reinterpret Dr Rotella s intended word choice given what appeared on the digital copy After the fact, I saw that another reviewer had that same problem I ve read nearly of of Dr Rotella s books on my kindle, and this is the first with such poor quality I hope it is the last.

  6. rom832 rom832 says:

    I love most of Bob Rotella s stuff as it is enlightening how your mind plays such a vital role in golfing well I previously bought the 4 pack of his stuff on audio book, and it was too much though as 3 of the 4 I gave away I did highly enjoy Not a Game of Confidence as the best of his works and a classic on the mind in golf Actually the Putting Out of Your Mind one was also very good, but someone else really needed it worse than I did so I mailed it to them I read the description for this and felt it was also what I was looking for in Rotella s instruction and I was right I listened to it twice immediately and thought it was a prefect compliment to the Confidence one One sets the ground rules for how to prepare yourself to handle the mental challenges of golf, and this one lays excellent specific steps to train your mind for golf.I can say 2 things have resulted from these books First, my golf has become consistent While it doesn t offer a lesson in the traditional sense so I swing better, it does help me stay focused, especially after a bad shot This prevents the old blow up holes that train wreck a round So I d say that has helped lower my handicap as much as any stroke lessons have Even my good rounds have a snag along the way, and being in a better mind set to handle them helps me to right the ship hopefully ASAP Second, I just enjoy golf now It has helped ease my mind and relax and just enjoy playing golf Frustration still builds a bit if I have a bad shot or hole, but it doesn t fester into self loathing and what not that it used to.So I highly recommend these 2 or 3 options as some of the best golf books you can get into your head

  7. T. Guerrier T. Guerrier says:

    I was told that this was a good read so I bought the kindle version I m wondering if something happened during the conversation to digital because the spelling errors are horrendous I m in the first chapter and have yet to read a paragraph without spelling errors These errors are making me have to re read sentences and at times guess what word is supposed to be used Please fix before anyone else downloads this book I m almost ready to ask for a refund.

  8. James L Demtrak James L Demtrak says:

    Lots of golf books to read in which you may never use that particular physical tip However, mentally, we are out there alone and at whatever point of our golf lives we are playing, we cannot escape ourselves You will need all of this book at different moments.

  9. MightySchwa MightySchwa says:

    This was not the first book by Dr Bob Rotella that I ve read, and some of the information here is expressed in slightly different terms in his other books Yet it s still a worthwhile read because it does present some new ways of looking at attaining the best possible mental state during a round of golf Truth be told, a lot of these tenets can be applied to life in general at some point This is one of my three favorite books by Rotella Golf is Not a Game of Perfect Putting Out of Your Mind being the others Those are the three that I feel resonate most with me Personal preference.