[books pdf] The Great British Circus: Views of Martin LaceyAuthor David Barnaby – Bilb-weil.de

Martin Lacey has been mauled by tigers in the circus ring, and lived to tell this tale and many others to his biographer David Barnaby This is the eventful life story of a colourful character, a well known trainer of lions and tigers and founder of The Great British Circus In working with lions and tigers, Martin has demonstrated great physical courage in the face of danger, regularly placing his arm or his head in the mouth of a big cat as part of his act No stranger to controversy, Martin has strong views on performing animals in circuses, and animals in zoos He vigorously opposes any moves to ban performing animals, and the book records his opinions on animal rights organisations and the RSPCA The book chronicles his tangled personal life and a trail of broken relationships Despite this, he has good relations with his children, and two of his sons have followed in his footsteps and become renowned big cat trainers themselves Martin has founded a dynasty in the best circus tradition