[[ read online Best ]] The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts (English Edition)Autor Shane Parrish – Bilb-weil.de

Wall Street Journal National Best SellerThe Old Saying Goes, To The Man With A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail But Anyone Who Has Done Any Kind Of Project Knows A Hammer Often Isn T Enough The Tools You Have At Your Disposal, The Likely You Ll Use The Right Tool For The Job And Get It Done RightThe Same Is True When It Comes To Your Thinking The Quality Of Your Outcomes Depends On The Mental Models In Your Head And Most People Are Going Through Life With Little Than A HammerUntil NowThe Great Mental Models General Thinking Concepts Is The First Book In The Great Mental Models Series Designed To Upgrade Your Thinking With The Best, Most Useful And Powerful Tools So You Always Have The Right One On Hand This Volume Details Nine Of The Most Versatile, All Purpose Mental Models You Can Use Right Away To Improve Your Decision Making, Productivity, And How Clearly You See The World You Will Discover What Forces Govern The Universe And How To Focus Your Efforts So You Can Harness Them To Your Advantage, Rather Than Fight With Them Or Worse Yet Ignore ThemUpgrade Your Mental Toolbox And Get The First Volume Today Here S What People Have To Say About The Book I M Really Glad This Exists In The World And I Can See That I Will Be Recommending It Often Matt Mullenweg, Founder And CEO Of Automattic

5 thoughts on “The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts (English Edition)

  1. DrNinjaMuni DrNinjaMuni says:

    I have beening following Shane Parish s blog and podcast for sometime and I am a fan.I got the audiobook version.Why am I not happy 1 18.56 for 3 hours 23 min book.2 1 3 of this audiobook is introduction.3 Similar content could be found in various blogs.How can you ask 18 for little or no value content Waste of money and time.

  2. Tim Coil Tim Coil says:

    Whether we are thinking about strategic initiatives or communication in relationships, it is helpful to have framework s to help us think clearly Shane s blog delivers amazing content, so it was of no surprise his book was able to provide useful mental models.His examples make it easy to comprehend situations of how to use them and where we could be wrong in doing so I ll be looking forward to the rest of the series.

  3. Vinny Vinny says:

    Excellent delivery by Shane.He has such great insights and the ability to communicate complex ideas in a such a way that anyone is able to benefit I have been following Shane and reading his content on his blog Farnam Street for quite a few months now I was first exposed to the Mental Models on Shanes blog and was absolutely blown away ANYONE can benefit from this audiobook and the application if its contents This audiobook will make you realize what you have been missing, help you to become a better problem solver, decision maker and provide overall clarity It will supply you with the necessary tools in order to help you look at the world and the problems we encounter in multiple ways Get ready for an eye opening experience.Thank you Shane for putting together this content Can t wait for Volume 2

  4. Fernando Castro Fernando Castro says:

    I won t give 5 stars because what is a five star book This was a very easy read for anyone who knows how to read and want to polish their thinking with a few tools Unless you are an expert, it s worth reading and keeping it handy Where it could have been better is mostly when Shane writes examples They are good, but I think half of them aren t quite accurate or he is just speculating that someone used x or y model but he doesn t really know How about 5 examples that can contrast to one another how about not showing them as a one mental model specific as I m sure all cases are a mix of several models I guess it becomes the task of the reader to figure it out, but having listened to Shane before, I believe he could pull up better case studies Also, we live in such complex interesting times do we really need to talk about people who supposedly used these models 300 years ago And not in our lifetime I m sure there is no malice in just writing about very old examples, it s probably a Hanlin s razor case FS Shane is doing a great service putting this out there but they can do much better with not a lot of effort Thank you Shane.

  5. Carson Carson says:

    I am longtime reader of Shane s Farnam Street blog so was very excited to hear that he was coming out with volume one of his new series While the content is similar in theme to Shane s blog, I think Shane and co do a great job bringing the mental models to life with additional examples, scenarios and color Have already recommended to several friends and colleagues I think this will be a fabulous set of volumes once completed and will be a must have reference tool.