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My rating 4.7The Book of The Oberon (The Chronicles of Amber # 4) is better than the previous book and it's simply a pleasure to read it On Amber's main pattern, family blood was shed, which led to the appearance of the black road Corwin is trying to find out who did it, suspect conspirators, Brand, Fiona, and Bleys Corwin is trying to find out who almost killed him, but that's still covered by the veil of secrets Theshe reveals, the less she knows, but soon everything will start to break out because Corwin will discover things hidden in his head Corwin will finally begin to make a jigsaw puzzle of all the details because, from his friend, the Bill from the shadow of the Earth, he will get the information he needs But the main culprit for all that has happened will disappear from their chambers and it will only make thingscomplicated But as he learns , he becomesintricate, because the spells becomecomplicated Meanwhile, there is a new character that no one expected The book is great and the story is evenintricate I really like the writer's imagination. Across the mysterious Black Road, demons swarm into Shadow The ancient, secret source of the royal family's power is revealed, amp; an unholy pact between a prince of the realm amp; the forces of Chaos threaten all the known worlds with absolute obliteration The hour of battle is at hand Now Corwin and the remaining princes of Amber must call upon all their superhuman powers to defeat their brotherturnedtraitor before he can walk the magical Pattern that created Amber and remake the universe in his own image At this point I'm pretty much done with this series For the sake of closure I'm going to finish Book 5, but really I don't understand why this is seen as such a Fantasy classic The narrative mainly consists of various fairly interchangeable characters explaining the plot to each other, followed by a dull description of yet another 'hellride' between parallel worlds It isn't clear what anyone's motivations are or what precisely is at stake (I suspect probably because the author himself doesn't really know) I have read four books of this now and I still don't have a clue as to why any of these immortal fops actually care what happens to Amber Considering Zelazny has infinite scope to explore whatever worlds he likes given the premise, he really doesn't take the characters anywhere interesting or do anything novel whatsoever.It is a massive disappointment after Zelazny's early works such as Lord of Light and This Immortal, which at least hinted at something special It seems like instead he went wholly the other way into lazy pulp writing There is nothing wrong in my book with pulp adventure, provided it is done well, but this series entirely lacks the wit or sparkle of fellow pulp genre writers like Moorcock, Vance or PKD. And on into the fourth book of The Chronicles of Amber It's been a pleasant journey, as the series keeps getting better (I started out not particularly liking the first book.) This is fun, escapist fare, chock full of melodrama, scheming, betrayal, and cliffhangers Whatcould you want from this kind of read? There are some dry patches during which characters explicate at length too much telling, too little showing, as I used to hear in creative writing class But then things pick up again, and by the time this book ends I'm yearning to pick up book five and find out what happens next! Today is the day for me to reminisce about the Amber series or so it seems However, theinto the series we get, it is harder to review it without making spoilers It would be a shame to spoil this series for anyone, as the discoveries made along the way by Corwin others are really interesting Is it a spoiler to reveal that Oberon still has a part to play? I won' say how or why, but there is a reason why the father is referenced in the title As The Hand of Oberon develops, many things from the previous novel becomeclear A traitor is revealed Corwin is becoming to question everything “Heredity or environment? I wondered wryly We were all of us, to some degree, mad after his fashion To be honest, it had to be a form of madness, to have so much and to strive so bitterly for just a little , for a bit of an edge over the others He carried this tendency to its extreme, that is all He was a caricature of this mania in all of us In this sense, did it really matter which of us was the traitor?” Well, it does matter Corwin The traitor pushed it a bit too far, didn't he? But is good you're finally seeing sense and being able to put your pride and ambitions aside That's possibly the best part of this fourth book in the series The reader can really see Corwin's personal growth The changes in him are subtle, but the end of the novel Corwin is a changed man Where Corwin felt only hate and anger, now he is able to feel sympathy Corwin is definitely becomingemphatic Perhaps even Freud would agree that he has made some progress in his relationship with his father Similarly, Corwin is able to see his brothers not only as chess figures in a game he is playing, but as human beings“I wish that some time, long ago, something had not been said that was said, or something done that was not done Something, had we known, which might have let him grow differently, something which would have seen him become another man than the bitter, bent thing I saw up there It is best now if he is dead But it is a waste of something that might have been.” What is what brought about this change in Corwin? Figuring out his relationship with his father? Making new discoveries about the nature of known world? Forming meaningful friendships? Learning about the true origins of Amber? Whatever be the cause, as new answers appeal, Corwin find himself askingquestions I liked this philosophical twist in his thinking As much as Corwin is inclined to ask psychological and philosophical questions, the chaotic world of Amber waits for nobody Like sharks, princes of Amber need to keep moving to stay alive So, does Corwin Don't expect this one to be any less fast paced and eventful than the other ones New surprises all along the way, but at the same time the writing becomesphilosophical. OMG! This was a completely satisfying read.At a time in my life where it's been difficult to read anything and enjoy it this has been another standout read by a master of the fantasy genre.I just love how Zelazny packs pure narrative power into so few pages Now onto book #5 The Courts of Chaos (A suitably daunting title that). 4.5 starsThis is my favorite book of the series so far and it's so much better than Sign of the Unicorn I'm glad I continued reading. Yep, this was awesome With the exception of the slightly awkward recount of previous events at the beginning and several pages of extremely boring depiction of Corwin's travel through Shadow (not the first time I'm skipping these), this was a perfect book And that cliffhanger! (Although, let's be honest, (view spoiler)[Ganelon's extreme knowledge of all things Amber (hide spoiler)] Oh shit! The ending of this book was brilliant! I really was not expecting anything of what happened to happen Definitely my favorite of the series so far Looking forward to the conclusion of the books on Corwin I read this series when I was in high school and reread it now and enjoyed the whole series of Corwin books Great fantasy books and I normally don't go for that genre at all.