[[ Download books ]] The Handbook of Japanese VerbsAuthor Taeko Kamiya – Bilb-weil.de

From the very earliest stages of study until far into the intermediate level, students of the Japanese language are continually scratching their heads over the usage of verbs It is no wonder that they should feel the need for a solid reference book, one they can continually turn to throughout their studying careers The Handbook of Japanese Verbs is just that bookThe Introduction takes the first step toward comprehension by pointing out the features of Japanese verbs that stand in contrast to their English counterparts, such as tense, politeness level, auxiliaries, and transitive and intransitive formsPartshows through tables and concise commentary how Japanese verbs are categorized, conjugated, and combined with auxiliaries Each form is followed by a short exercise, reinforcing the points just madeParttakes up the forms described in the first part and shows how they function in full fledged sentences Each discussion is followed by examples and exercises, ensuring that the student has understood the forms under discussionIn the appendices, the student is offered a number of look up methods, including an English Japanese verb dictionary This completes the apparatus necessary for a solid handbook on Japanese verbs, a book students can rely on for many years to comeTAEKO KAMIYA received a BA for Doshisha Women s College Kyoto and MAs from the University of San Francisco in education and from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in linguistics She taught Japanese for twenty five years at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California Among her publications are Speak Japanese Today, Japanese for Fun Make Your Stay in Japan More Enjoyable, Tuttle New Dictionary on Loanwords in Japanese, Subject GroupedKanji in Context, and Japanese Particle Workbook