[[ Audiobooks ]] The Happiness of Pursuit: A Father's Love, a Son's Courage and Life's Steepest ClimbAuthor Davis Phinney – Bilb-weil.de

For Two Decades, Davis Phinney Was One Of America S Most Successful Cyclists He Won Two Stages At The Tour De France And An Olympic Medal But After Years Of Feeling Off, He Was Diagnosed With Early Onset Parkinson S The Body That Had Been His Ally Was Now Something Else A Prison The Happiness Of Pursuit Is The Story Of How Davis Sought To Overcome His Parkinson S By Reaching Back To What Had Made Him So Successful On The Bike And Adjusting His Perspective On What Counted As A Win The News Of His Diagnosis Began A Dark Period For This Vibrant Athlete, But There Was Also Light His Son Taylor S Own Bike Racing Career Was Taking Off Determined To Beat The Body Snatcher, Davis Underwent A Procedure Called Deep Brain Stimulation Although Not Cured, His Symptoms Abated Enough For Him To See Taylor Compete In The Beijing Olympics Davis Phinney Had Won Another Stage But The Joy, He Discovered, Was In The Pursuit With Humor And Grace, Phinney Weaves The Narrative Of His Battle With Parkinson S With Tales From His Cycling Career And From His Son S Emerging Career The Happiness Of Pursuit Is A Remarkable Story Of Fathers And Sons And Bikes, Of Victories Large And Small

6 thoughts on “The Happiness of Pursuit: A Father's Love, a Son's Courage and Life's Steepest Climb

  1. Jeremy Newby Jeremy Newby says:

    This is one of the most inspirational books I ve ever read This is a story of an elite athlete overcoming great adversity due to Parkinsons disease, and also describing the adversity faced by his own father who suffered with prostate cancer, and eventually died following its metastasis I am a cancer patient and this book has helped and inspired me very significantly

  2. Aqua Papa Aqua Papa says:

    I absolutely loved this book There are a lot of great cycling anecdotes, which I was expecting, but there is a lot of depth to it as well Davis Phinney is an inspiring character in numerous dimensions, but there is an incredible frankness and honesty to this memoir that I can only guess comes from having confronted such a challenging and personal illness as Parkinson s Disease He really opens up in terms of talking about his difficult relationship with his own father and his relationship with his son Taylor This book is stirring and thought provoking and literally moved me to tears, but ultimately left me feeling uplifted and inspired I highly recommend it.

  3. J. Wise J. Wise says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Davis book It was touching, funny and compelling.I remember watching Davis race in the Tour de France and the Coors Classic He was the Mark Cavendish of his time It was thrilling to watch him race his bike.Davis is very forthcoming about his illness and being encased in armor for ten years Several times his honesty brought tears to my eyes.I recommend this book to anyone who is a cyclist or is dealing with a serious illness You will not regret reading this genuinely honest book.

  4. Bill Barnard Bill Barnard says:

    Great read, learned a great deal about managing my Parkinson s Disease from this book, recommend it for everyone s reading list.

  5. Boz Bostrom Boz Bostrom says:

    A great story about courage

  6. Denise Phillips Denise Phillips says:

    I found this book to be very moving Thankfully I have not had to endure a disability such as PD, but all of us experience challenges in our lives and should think about Davis Phinney s advice to look for small victories each day and push ourselves to never give up.