[[ Free ePUB ]] The Haywire Heart: How Too Much Exercise Can Kill You, and What You Can Do to Protect Your HeartAuthor Chris Case – Bilb-weil.de

If you have any concerns about irregular heart rhythms etc brought on by too much endurance sport guilty then this is just what you need It s encyclopedic in it s coverage of the issue and is written by experts who have personal experience.One word of warning though, it s not dumbed down and isn t an easy read It s like reading a medical textbook, and doesn t sugar coat everything so be prepared. It s a really interesting book, if a little niche There are a growing number of endurance athletes in their 40s and 50s, me amongst them who despite being apparently very healthy have developed cardiac arrhythmias At first this was seen by the medical world as simply bad luck, but these authors pull together the evidence that it s likely that prolonged hard training can actually cause heart problems and they explain why I had already arrived at similar conclusions myself Looking back I was training far too hard and my body tried to tell me so The authors know what they are talking about and who they are talking to as they are keen sportsmen themselves, and John Mandrola is a cardiac electrophysiologist, so specialises in heart rhythm problems It is a giant adjustment to make from seeing yourself as super fit to realising you have a heart problem, and it s an adjustment that probably a lot of people are going to have to make unless people get a better understanding of what hard training can do to them This book should help both the people doing the adjusting and the process of creating a better understanding I am grateful to the authors for putting it together They will never make a fortune from it, so they have written it to help other people. As a lifelong amateur walker, runner and cyclist I recently had some health issues which may be cardiac related This book enabled me to understand the possible issues and I wish it had been available forty years ago Good detailed content written in a easy to digest format The case studies became a bit tedious but the underpinning knowledge is sound and well presented Recommended reading for all long distance athletes. This is an interesting book especially if, like me, you are an endurance athlete of advancing years A friend has recently been diagnosed with an arrhythmia and when researching I came across multiple references to this book Some of the medical chapters can be a bit of a chore but this is balanced by the case studies which vary from interesting to scary It also raised questions for me regarding the treatment of an arrhythmia. This is a great source for those of us who ve acquired exercise related afib or other electrocardiac conditions Immaculately researched and really well written, it makes a complex subject accessible and thereby makes it much easier to have an informed conversation with health advisors Would definitely recommend. If you don t have heart issues then you may think this is scaremongering However take heed of the advice regarding rest and taking stock of what is important to you At the end of the day most of us exercise as a hobby..don t let it kill you There is apparently an emerging theory backed up by a growing body of evidence that excessive high level exercise can cause abnormal heart rhythms This fed through into the community in a Velo News article by the authors of this book in 2015.This book explains that theory beginning with a case study and with other case studies scattered throughout the work going on to explain how the heart works and how exercise affects the heart and how the heart can be damaged specifically by or contributed to by high level, high volume exercise The authors acknowledge that the theory is not nailed on and that there is much work to do to understand how arrythmias develop and whether the link with exercise is indisputable.What the work does is identify the issue, explores it, offers some insight and advice about best practice to perhaps avoid damaging your heart just in case.To a degree, I have to say that the book could cause alarm and concern and I recommend also reading the online blog of Dr Larry Cresswell who is a little less alarmist in my opinion and whilst he doesn t dismiss the link with exercise, he offers a conservative view.I thoroughly recommend the book for what the insights it gives, the quality of the writing and the depth.I should emphasise that this is an exceptional work that is perfectly suitable for the lay person i.e not requiring any or any detailed medical knowledge. Too Much Exercise Can Kill You The Haywire Heart Is The First Book To Examine Heart Conditions In Athletes Intended For Anyone Who Competes In Endurance Sports Like Cycling, Triathlon, Running Races Of All Distances, And Cross Country Skiing, The Haywire Heart Presents The Evidence That Going Too Hard Or Too Long Can Damage Your Heart Forever You Ll Find What To Watch Out For, What To Do About It, And How To Protect Your Heart So You Can Enjoy The Sports You Love For Years To Come The Haywire Heart Shares The Developing Research Into A Group Of Conditions Known As Athlete S Heart , Starting With A Wide Ranging Look At The Warning Signs, Symptoms, And How To Recognize Your Potential Risk Leading Cardiac Electrophysiologist And Masters Athlete Dr John Mandrola Explores The Prevention And Treatment Of Heart Conditions In Athletes Like Arrhythmia, Atrial Fibrillation And Flutter, Tachycardia, Hypertrophy, And Coronary Artery Disease He Reviews New Research About Exercise Intensity And Duration, Recovery, Inflammation And Calcification, And The Ways Athletes Inflict Lasting Harm These Heart Problems Are Appearing With Alarming Frequency Among Masters Athletes Who Are Pushing Their Bodies Harder Than Ever In The Hope That Exercise Will Keep Them Healthy And Strong Into Their Senior Years The Book Is Complete With Gripping Case Studies Of Elite And Age Group Athletes From Journalist Chris Case Like The Scary Condition That Nearly Killed Cyclist And Coauthor Lennard Zinn And Includes A Frank Discussion Of Exercise Addiction And The Mental Habits That Prevent Athletes From Seeking Medical Help When They Need It Dr Mandrola Explains Why Many Doctors Misdiagnose Heart Conditions In Athletes And Offers An Invaluable Guide On How To Talk With Your Doctor About Your Condition And Its Proven Treatments He Covers Known Heart Irritants, Training And Rest Modifications, Effective Medicines, And Safe Supplements That Can Reduce The Likelihood Of Heart Damage From Exercise Heart Conditions Affect Hardcore Athletes As Well As Those Who Take Up Sports Seeking Better Health And Weight Loss The Haywire Heart Is A Groundbreaking And Critically Important Guide To Heart Care For Athletes By Protecting Your Heart Now And Watching For The Warning Signs, You Can Avoid Crippling Heart Conditions And Continue To Exercise And Compete For Years To Come