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Seabury Quinn S Short Stories Were Featured In Well Than Half Of The Pulp Magazine Weird Tales Original Publication Run His Most Famous Character, The Supernatural French Detective Dr Jules De Grandin, Investigated Cases Involving Monsters, Devil Worshippers, Serial Killers, And Spirits From Beyond The Grave, Often Set In The Small Town Of Harrisonville, New Jersey In De Grandin There Are Familiar Shades Of Both Arthur Conan Doyle S Sherlock Holmes And Agatha Christie S Hercule Poirot, And Alongside His Assistant, Dr Samuel Trowbridge, De Grandin S Knack For Solving Mysteries And His Outbursts Of Peculiar French Isms Grand Dieu Captivated For Nearly Three Decades Collected For The First Time In Trade Editions, The Complete Tales Of Jules De Grandin Presents All Published Works Featuring The Supernatural Detective Presented In Chronological Order Over Five Volumes, This Is The Definitive Collection Of An Iconic Pulp Hero

5 thoughts on “The Horror on the Links: The Complete Tales of Jules De Grandin, Volume One

  1. paul watson paul watson says:

    The most prolific writer in the Weird Tales stable is being presented in a handsome 5 volume set collecting his complete Jules de Grandin output These are no great literature but they are well crafted entertaining stories with their tongue set firmly in cheek Considering the last complete series of these by the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box are permanently out of print I can t recommend this series too highly As the fair haired French wonder would undoubtedly exclaim Nom de nom, Trowbridge, these are a bargain most rare

  2. Hughie Jones Hughie Jones says:

    I ve only read 2 or 3 stories up to now but they seem to be okay and I ll no doubt carry on with book one waiting for book two to come up at a less ridiculous price.

  3. B.A.Georgiou B.A.Georgiou says:

    The Jules de Grandin stories have always been favourites of mine, and I am over the moon that I can collect them all Looking forward to the next volume Don t know, or care, why Quinn has picked up such a bad rep over the years I read and enjoy Weird Tales authors Lovecraft and REH as well, and find Quinn a welcome addition to their ranks.

  4. Mrs. J. L. Jensen Mrs. J. L. Jensen says:

    No it did not.These are not the original stories, and contain the same spelling typographical errors as did the original 3 volume set which was published by George Vanderbugh.Also arrived with damaged Creased Cover.When will somebody reprint the original series Chris Worthington.

  5. old man old man says: