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As a professional peacebuilder, I read anything that involves infinite games, because that s what peacebuilding is As Sinek argues, infinite games have no winners and losers because there is no end state One s goal is to keep the game going and get better along the way No book gets at this better, especially his emphasis on having a just cause, building teams that trust each other, learning from your worthy rivals, being flexible, and displaying the courage to lead This is also a fun book to read because it is filled with neat examples to go along with Sinek s wonderful ideas. Simon nails it here What s most powerful about this book, to me, is that he establishes a framework and lexicon to explain something that has been in the background for far too long Read this immediately, and let us all be the leaders we wish we had. I have enjoyed Simon s contributions to society a great deal The concept of an infinite game versus finite is interesting It s a terrific idealistic framework, but a bit naive The book would have been better timed had it been written and published 20 years ago.Rather than use an either or choice, as in either you are infinite or you are not, the reality today is that generally businesses today are an and as in infinite and finite.Jeff Bezos provides a good example Other companies I work with use an and approach in serving all stakeholders interests. A book I think everyone should read to be caring and responsible beings.Personally, I really enjoyed this book because it helped me understand why some of the pieces of my life weren t fitting together properly and some of the hard choices I will have to make on the path to changing my mindset I enjoyed that the writer gave many real examples of how not having an infinite mindset can cause companies to fail which made it easy for the reader to relate Working in the financial industry where the focus is very much on sales, deadlines and the bottomline, I m hoping I can build the courage to recommend this book to my CEO lol.While briefly, it also showed how an infinite mindset can be applied to parenting and the sometimes very high expectations we have for our kids I appreciated hearing this being a new mom.Only thing left to say is buy the book and be open minded when reading it and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.Thanks Simon Sinek for having the courage and mindset to write this book and I m expecting sequels as you continue to play the infinite game. It s not often that I encounter a book which presents me with an idea which is completely new to me I m looking at you, Malcolm Gladwell I realize it will not be new to everyone, but I imagine it will be new to a great many people.Here is the basic concept There are two types of games, the finite game and the infinite game The finite game is easy to visualize it s what takes place when kids sit down to play a game of Monopoly There are specific players, set rules, and at least in theory a definite endpoint The infinite game is complex As I understand it, players can drift in and out, be known or unknown rules are in a state of flux and there is no clear endpoint Most important of all, you can not win the infinite game You can not win marriage Or friendship Or careers Or even life itself.The point of the infinite game is to look beyond the immediate finite game that can be won who has the better product or higher sales this quarter and instead focus on a long term cause that can make the world a better place.Well written, smooth read.BOTTOM LINE While it s largely a business book, it should be mandatory reading for leaders of every ilk Readjusting focus would make the world a better place. So Many Organizations And Individuals Are Obsessed With Winning But How Do You Win A Game That Never Really Ends There Is No Such Thing, For Example, As Winning BusinessSimon Sinek S Start With Why And Leaders Eat Last Have Helped Millions Of Readers See The Hidden Rules That Govern Our Behavior Now The Infinite Game Challenges Us To Rethink Our Perspective With A Deceptively Simple Question How Do You Stay Ahead In A Game With No End Games Like Basketball And Chess Are Finite, With Firm Rules And Clear Endpoints But Business, For Example, Is Infinite There S Ultimately No Such Thing As Winning Because There S Always A New Set Of Challenges Those Who Thrive In The Long Run Are Those Who Play By Infinite Rules They Do Things That Enable Them To Out Maneuver, Out Innovate, And Outlast Their Competitors Trying To Play An Infinite Game With A Finite Mindset Can Be Catastrophic During The Vietnam War, For Instance, America Won Nearly Every Battle And Killed Many Enemy Troops But The Americans Lost The War Because The North Vietnamese Were Willing To Endure Any Hardship, For As Long As It Took To Force The Americans To Give Up Through A Wide Range Of Examples, Sinek Explores How Infinite Players In Any Field Can Exhaust Their Competitors, Stay Ahead For The Long Run, And Create Strong Organizations, Built To Weather Nearly Any Storm Great Leaders Instinctively Play The Infinite Game Now The Rest Of Us Can Understand How They Do ItThe Finite Thinker Focuses On A Company S Quarterly Earnings Winning A Presidential Election Winning An Olympic Medal Squeezing The Last Dollar From A Negotiation Raising An Obedient Child Closing A Sale What And HowThe Infinite Thinker Focuses On A Company S Reputation Leading The Nation Becoming As Good As You Can Possibly Be At Your Sport Making Your Partner Want To Do Business With You Again Raising An Inquisitive Child Building A Customer Relationship Why