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From debut author Jennifer Gold comes a delicious novel about the sweet and sour ingredients of life and loveElle, an accomplished baker, has a recipe for every event in her life But when she discovers her husbands infidelity, she doesnt know what to make of it Jam, maybe Definitely jamFed up with the stale crumbs of her marriage, Elle revisits past recipes and the events that inspired them A recipe for scones reminds her of her fathers death, cinnamon rolls signify the problematic courtship with her husband, and a batch of chocolate cookies casts Elle in a less than flattering light Looking back, Elle soon realizes that some ingredients were missing all alongAfter confronting her husband, Elle indulges her sweet tooth in other ways, including a rebound that just leaves herconfused As secrets from the past collide with the conflicts of the present, Elle struggles to manage her bakery business and maintain the relationships most important to her In piecing her life back together, will Elle learn to take the bitter with the sweet Jennifer Gold believes love is sweet and life is messy, which is probably why she has a passion for writing about the relationships of career focused women When shes not writing books, Gold spends time with her witty husband, sassy horse, and two snuggly cats Gold holds a masters degree in writing and lives in Washington State You can find outat