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Based On A True Story, The Invisible Mile Tells The Poignant Story Of Five Australian And New Zealand Cyclists Who, In , Formed The First English Speaking Team To Ride In The Tour De France They Were Gallant, Under Resourced And Badly Outnumbered But Taken Deep To The Heart By The French Nation The Audiobook Describes In A Wonderful Poetic And Visceral Voice What It Was Like To Ride In This Race The Chaos, Danger And Rivalries The Extraordinary Lengths To Which The Riders Pushed Themselves, Suffering Horrific Injuries, Riding Through The Night In Pitch Dark And The Ways They Staved Off The Pain Through Camaraderie, Through Sexual Conquest, Through Drink And Through Drugs Cocaine For Energy, Opium For Pain Added To The Team Is The Fictional Narrator Who Is Cycling Towards His Demons In A Northern France Still Scarred By The First World War His Brother Was A Fighter Pilot Damaged By His Experiences In France, His Sister Has Died And This Self Imposed Test Of Endurance Is Slowly And Painfully Bringing Him To His Final, Invisible Mile, Where Memory Eventually Comes To Collide With The Past

8 thoughts on “The Invisible Mile

  1. The Cyclist The Cyclist says:

    Not quite what I expected Seems historically incorrect The Aus NZ team only had 4 riders, not 5 but perhaps that s part of the fictional approach An interesting writing style the author is obviously very skilled and full of imagination, poetry and uses words as if he were painting a canvass I like that There are a lot of books with a cycling fiction theme, most are predictable This one isn t and stands above the crowd.

  2. scarfie scarfie says:

    The first time I ve returned a Kindle book Pretentious and flowery, trying too hard to be literary, and not quite getting it.

  3. Pep Jean Pep Jean says:

    Brilliant This isn t a book for cycle fans This is a book about history and memory and hurt.

  4. Jim Meyer Jim Meyer says:

    I am an avid reader, writer, and English major yet, I struggled with the cryptic prose and vague tone of this long book Characters seem to come and go like ghosts, and situations wander from reality to past to dreams to drug induced fogs Writer seemed to enjoy puzzling the reader I also hoped for historical insight into the Tour de France in that era, but book lacked any substance in this regard.

  5. Shraga Hocherman Shraga Hocherman says:

    Tough English Interesting by describing an impossible race however, getting lost too often in personal recollections that interfere with the story.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    Lots of great writing, but desperately in need of a good editor to pare down pages of unrelated reflections As a result, hard to follow, kept finding myself flipping past pages of nonsense.

  7. McGlamis McGlamis says:

    Excellent Seller product better than stated

  8. David H. Scott David H. Scott says:

    Best book I ve read in years Highly recommend.