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Nach dem absoluten Cliffhanger konnte ich es kaum erwarten das fulminante Ende der Serie zu lesen Ich wurde nicht entt uscht Die Geschichte f gt sich zum Ganzen zusammen und ich war absolut happy alle liebgewonnenen Charaktere aus Nevernever noch einmal zu treffen Daher war ich auch ein bisschen traurig als ich auf der letzten Seite angelangt war, denn ich werde diese Welt vermissen, insbesondere Grimalkin Der war mein absoluter Favorit Ich war auch nicht entt uscht, dass es kein kitschiges Happy End gab, denn das h tte nicht zu Kenzie gepasst Von meiner Warte aus, hat Frau Kagawa was diese Reihe betrifft alles richtig gemacht, denn wie oft hatte ich den letzten Band einer Reihe in der Hand und dachte mir, dass das Ende nicht zu den Figuren passt Aber hier alles Bestens.Vielleicht starte ich aber einfach nochmal von vorn, einfach mal wieder bezaubern lassen von der Feenwelt Meghan, Puck und Ash Denn ich glaube auch bei mehrmaligem Lesen vermag diese Geschichte zu begeistern wie beim ersten Mal. It s no secret now that I absolutely LOVE Julie Kagawa and will read anything that this woman writes Add that to the fact that I have been waiting for what feels like forever for this book and I think it s safe to say that I was super excited to finally have it in my hands.The Iron Fey Call of the Forgotten series focuses on the relationship between Ethan Chase and his nephew, Prince Keirran and centers around a prophecy that was revealed at the end of the Iron Fey series Here we find Ethan frantically navigating the in Between on a quest to get Keirran back his soul and stop the impending war between the Courts of Nevernever and the Forgotten Queen.Blinded by what he thinks is right, Keirran is leading the Forgotten Army straight into battle against the courts, including his mother He s brash, but driven He has all of the elements of a leader but it s his direction that s a little skewed Ethan knows his nephew and he refuses to believe that this is what has become of Keirran It isn t until Keirran attempts to kill Ethan again that Ethan finally realizes that Keirran must be stopped Unwilling to kill his own nephew, Ethan sets out on a quest to find the only thing that can return Keirran to his former self an amulet containing the essence of his soul.I ve loved Keirran since the first time he appeared in print So I was right there along side Ethan the entire way as he fought to restore Keirrans soul This doesn t mean that I didn t want to drop kick his fairy ass all the way through Nevernever I could not believe how he was acting and it made it hard to love him But I do love my damaged boys.What I love about reading work from Kagawa is how alive her writing is I m normally not a huge fan of books relating to the fey but this has hands down become one of my favorite series And that s all due in part to this world and these characters that just demand attention These magical places feel so real that I want to travel there myself I want to see through the glamour of the fey and feel the sun in the Summer court and the snow in the Winter court I want my own Razor sitting on my shoulder Truthfully, I just want of this world and am sad that it came to a close However, if Kagawa ever decides that she wants to reopen this world, I will be there in a heartbeat Meine Tochter ist von der Buchreihe so begeistert, dass sie sich auch mit der englischen Ausgabe auseinandergesetzt hat Bei der ersten Lieferung wurde leider das falsche Format geliefert wie beschrieben, was meiner Tochter bei ihrer Sammlung nicht gefallen hat Also zur ckgeschickt und dann das richtige bekommen. If you don t know Meghan, Keirran, Ethan and all the others already, then you are starting this story from the wrong end This is the seventh and last book in the Iron Fey Saga and you definitely want to have read the previous six books before this one, otherwise you ll have a very hard time trying to figure out what is happening and why.The previous book didn t have a real end, just a very bad thing happening on the last pages, which kept the reader in limbo So it comes as no surprise that this book has no real beginning and starts off just as if it was the next page beyond the back cover of book six This book too, is written in the voice of Ethan and the new heroes are the main players, with the heroes from the start of the series playing their roles, but keeping to the sidelines.Keirran has completely lost it He is not even a shadow of his former self any and has become a real threat to the courts His former friends, however, do not accept his complete change of heart and set out, however impossible it may seem, to bring him to his senses They do so at great risk and they find themselves in some really scary situations Possible death is lurking at every corner and they have to venture to where no human and not many Fey have gone before.Julie Kagawa again does a very good job of telling a captivating story full of adventures It does get darker and darker, but, without spilling the beans, let me tell you the end of the whole series is not so hopeless and gloomy as you might fear, even though there are some grave sacrifices to be made. Well I finally made time to finish up this series and I must say that ending is very bittersweet The original Iron Fey books are some of my all time favorites and while this continuation spin off was enjoyable it never quite had the same spark for me that the original four had.It s still weird for me reading about Ethan as an adult, but I ve really come to love him over these last three books He has grown quite a bit and I really love who he became But the one who stole the show for me was Kenzie I love that Kenzie is so strong in her own way She isn t strong in the I can kick your butt sense, but Ethan would not have survived without Kenzie She is ridiculously smart and gets them out of most jams And then there is Kierran That dumb boy broke my damn heart He is so good at his core AND HE DID ALL THE DUMB THINGS I wanted to strangle him and then smack him upside the head and then hug him.Of course it was fun catching up with my favorites again and its cool seeing Meghan in all her queenly glory Seeing Ash was wonderful cause I adore him and love him And I loved seeing Puck because he cracks me up and he stole the scene whenever he showed up Of course Julie Kagawa always delivers a great plot with tons of action and romance.As much fun as I ve had going back to this world, there is a small part of me that wishes we never went back to this world The thing with continuing a series is that is takes away the happy ending from your favorites Even though Meghan and Ash aren t the central characters this time around, the nonsense Kierran pulls puts them through hell I dunno I just liked imagining Ash and Meghan all happy in my head I still enjoyed these books, but I wanted my Meghan and Ash left alone.All in all, The Iron Warrior was a good, albeit, bittersweet conclusion It s a fun read and I enjoyed visiting the Never Never again. The Iron Warrior Is Kagawas Stellar Conclusion To The Internationally Bestselling Iron Fey Series Are You Ready The Iron Prince Betrayed Us AllHe Killed MeThen, I Woke UpWaking After A Month On The Brink Of Death, Ethan Chase Is Stunned To Learn That The Veil That Conceals The Fey From Human Sight Was Temporarily Torn Away Although Humankind S Glimpse Of The World Of Faery Lasted Just A Brief Moment, The Human World Has Been Cast Into Chaos, And The Emotion And Glamour Produced By Fear And Wonder Has Renewed The Tremendous Power Of The Forgotten QueenNow, She Is At The Forefront Of An Uprising Against The Courts Of Summer And Winter A Reckoning That Will Have Cataclysmic Effects On The Nevernever In The Face Of Unprecedented Evil And Unfathomable Power, Ethan S Enemies Must Become His Allies, And The World Of The Fey Will Be Changed ForeverOne Killer Storyteller MTVFans Adore The Iron Warrior It Was Everything I NeededThe Iron Warrior Is Gripping, Emotional, Shocking And AmazingI Don T Want To Say Good Bye Such A Great Ending To An Awesome Series These Books Touched My Life And I Love Them The Iron Fey Series Book The Iron KingBook The Iron DaughterBook The Iron QueenBook The Iron KnightBook The Lost PrinceBook The Iron TraitorBook The Iron Warrior