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When do you say mazal tov What is a get, a golem, a kibbutz, a chalutz What four plant species are waved during prayers on the harvest festival of Sukkot You ll find answers to these questions and hundreds of others in this remarkable collection of the best known, most loved Hebrew words and phrases in the English speaking world From Acharon to Zohar, this informative and often humorous dictionary features over six hundred Hebrew words and expressions arranged in alphabetical order the Roman alphabet is used throughout, as well as Hebrew head words The first such guide to Hebrew, this volume is than a mere lexicon it is a jubilant celebration of Hebrew itself, a treasure trove of Jewish wit, wisdom, culture, and tradition

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  1. H Rob Pleitz H Rob Pleitz says:

    Great book and it was delivered nicely

  2. todd g allen todd g allen says:

    Love it