Pdf The Last Viking Trilogy: The Golden Horn, The Road of the Sea Horse, and The Sign of the Raven (English Edition) By Poul Anderson – Bilb-weil.de

The complete trilogy in one volume An epic saga by an award winning author about the daring life of the fierce Norse warrior king Harald Hardrede Harald Hardrede, last and greatest of the Norse kings, matures from an uncrowned young man hungry for battle to a ruler with dreams of expansion he is determined to realize The Golden Horn Only seventeen, Harald Sigurdharsonone day to be called Hardredecovets the throne he is still too young to take Restless, the warrior journeys to Constantinople where he becomes a member of the fabled Varangian Guard entrusted with the safety of the Byzantine emperor and romances an enticing beauty from a powerful clan The Road of the Sea Horse Harald Hardrede, who has spent years serving foreign rulers in faraway realms, returns to Norway, undefeated and ready to grow his empire Haralds task to unite the northlands will be difficult and require great sacrifice, for the people will adamantly resist his invasion But Harald will not be deterred he is determined to carve out his place in history The Sign of the Raven Harald has become a great king and a powerful conqueror, but his rule has become unstable Treachery is brewing in the North and his conquest of Denmark is still out of reach Unable to raise his wifes downtrodden spirits or identify with his illegitimate sons, he sets out on his final adventure to seize the prize he has coveted above all others the fortified island called Britannia