The Lord of the Rings: The Art of the Return of the King –

Beautiful Artwork, very happy I purchased this. I always thought that an ideal Art of book should include powerful imageries that capture the movie s best scenes in initial stages Yet this book leaves out many of those elements in favor of blurred panoramic art pieces that I found rather wasteful to the content of the book.Don t get me wrong, I like this book Most of the artworks are astounding, it s just that I found many of the splash pages should ve been devoted to breathtaking images such as the Fell Beasts attacking Minas Tirith or Sam fighting off Shelob. Perfect I love to see pictures and sketches.There are many of them in this artwork book.Joy to immerse yourself in your favorite movie world Most excellent in scope and creative backdrop for the Myth that Sanctifies As in the other two books marking out the Trilogy from the birthing chamber of the mind and heart of the Artisans, this third edition follows nicely in the footsteps of excellence, adding richness and depth and further insight and stimulation of the imagination I recomned this work, as well as the prior two, as a glimpse or pulling back of the curtain if you will, of the work, creativity and passionate concepts of the dedicated and visionary Artists that midwifed the Divinely inspired work of J R R Tolkien and typological world of Middle Earth. With Peter Jackson s Acadamy Award winning epic motion picture trilogy drawing to a spectacular and triumphant close, Gary Russell s detailed research takes us back into the world of Middle earth, to relive all the visual drama and excitement of The Return of the King.The Art of The Return of the King illustrates the creative development of the film from sketch to special effect and features 600 images, most appearing nowhere else This fully authorized book includes pencil sketches by Alan Lee and John Howe, costume designes by Ngila Dickson, magnificent full color paintings by Jeremy Bennett, and prop designs, concepts, sculptures and digital artwork from Weta Workshop and Weta Digital From Minas Tirith to Mount Doom, from the Army of the Dead to Shelob the monstrous spider, all the spectacular landscapes, characters and creatures are covered in stunning detail, including concepts that did not make it into the final film.To accompany this wealth of imagery, detailed and informative commentaries appear by all the featured artists and designers, together with a special afterword by Peter Jackson Their personal thoughts and explanations offer unique and fascinating insight into how The Return of the King was brought to life An artistic journey begun in 1997 reaches its glorious conclusion within these pages, giving the reader a unique chance to witness the creative process that led to one of the most spectacular movies of all time.