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pleased with the item Dysentery, Drunken Soldiers, And Corrupt Officials Provide The Background For Neil Peart S Physical And Spiritual Cycling Journey Through West Africa The Prolific Drummer For The Rock Band Rush Travels Through African Villages, Both Large And Small, And Relates His Story Through Journal Entries And Tales Of Adventure, While Simultaneously Addressing Issues Such As Differences In Culture, Psychology, And Labels Literary And Artistic Sidekicks Such As Aristotle, Dante, And Van Gogh Join Peart And His Cycling Companions, Reminding The Listener That This Is Not Just Another Travel Book It Is A Story Of Both External And Introspective Discovery And Adventure All as advertised I did enjoy reading this book to some extend It wasn t particularly unputdownable At times I got a bit fed up about his moans about fellow travellers, but then your relationships with your companions are part of the experience when you re travelling in a group I suppose it all comes down to what you want from a book I was hoping for in depth focus on his experience of Africa Not that it is lacking, but maybe I was hoping for a intense experience of Cameroon Sometimes I had the feeling Mr Peart got too much caught up in his moans about his fellow travellers But hey, a solid effort for a first book So, personally I think the book is okay, but I wouldn t particularly recommend it I m reading Ghost Rider now I think I like that one better Probably because the book gives you what you expect of it his story of what goes on inside him after his personal tragedies while he s travelling And as a writer he comes across maturer in Ghost Rider.However, I still feel that he is stronger at writing song lyrics Although I don t always agree with his views I think they re some of the best in rock His drumming Now, that is the good man s best skill, if you ask me. wonderful This is the first of Neil s books although I ve actually read them in the wrong order, no worry though, as ever his style of writing is easy but intelligent I m a very keen cyclist myself and many of his descriptions ring so true, there is as ever an open honest realting of his opinion on things that many have been annoyed by in his other books Personally I can quite understand that he gets uncomfortable being a world famous rock star and tries to live life under the radar as it were This isn t just a book for Rush fans, in fact there is all but no mention of that part of his life, instead it s a well written travel book that suceeds in portraying the journey taken really well. A damn good read, and what an informative read as well , will certainly read the others , thanks NEP. I found it an interesting read , better than I thought