{Prime} The Matrix: Script and Story Board (Cinéma)Author Spencer Lamm – Bilb-weil.de

It s a terrible cliche to say that a movie changed your life, but The Matrix kind of changed mine I don t know that it altered my ultimate trajectory very much, but I do think it put me on that trajectory sooner Its popularity proved to me that a lot of people must be worrying about how society turns the individual into a cog, and that knowledge gave me permission to start doing things differently But this article isn t really about that, so let me switch gears.When the Wachowski brothers were trying to get the studio execs to commit to a budget for the film, they began to realize that nobody really understood what they, the Wachowsakis, were proposing It was a complicated film full of difficult ideas, and nobody really grasped the level of action that the brothers envisioned So they hired comics illustrators Steve Skroce and Geoff Darrow to storyboard the film, producing, in effect, a several hundred page comic book Those storyboards, along with the script and concept illustrations, have since been collected into a book called The Art of the Matrix The interesting thing about these boards, to me, is that they were done under tight deadline pressure, so they are not slick, finished illustrations That s interesting to an artist because, deprived of slick veneer, the scaffolding is clearly exposed, so you can see how these extremely talented artists construct action scenes It s fascinating for anyone who has any interest in the art of visual storytelling The concept drawings and paintings are gorgeous, and were done at a less breakneck pace It s surprising how closely the film stuck to these drawings, in many cases reproducing them verbatim.You can get used copies of this book fairly inexpensively I recommend it if you re a fan of comics, or The Matrix, or both. This book is really nice if you are a fan of the Matrix But, it is especially nice if you are a comic book fan like the Wachowski Brothers seem to be The preproduction work basically detailed through the art work is very interesting It s also interesting to see what was conceptualized and then what was used and what wasn t when the movie was finally produced This is because it s not just the artwork There are comments on how each piece was or was not utilized in the final production I am not a big comic fan, but I found this part of the art work very interesting Having the shooting script is interesting for the same reason. I bought this for my son, he is 18 years of age He LOVES it He even sat down and went over a few things with me, as he had me watch the movie recently It is overflowing with anything and everything pertaining to the first Matrix movie.from artwork, to scenes, to photos, real and drawneven codes FULL of information This would be an over the top gift for any Matrix fan.Awesome This is an inside look at the real visual minds behind the matrix style of action, innovative camera movements and conceptual designs by comic legends Steve Skroce and Geof Darrow The Bothers were such a fan of their comics, they hired them to design almost every element of the Matrix films For any fan of behind the scenes making of or just fans of cool artwork this book will blow you away You get to see the genesis of one of the most influential action film ever This book will keep you entertained for a long time, it takes forever to absorb it all This is a must for any Matrix fan really, you won t be disappointed. No amount of explanation can prepare you for how dense this book is This thing is absolutely stuffed with Matrix eye candy and gave me a new level of appreciation for my favorite science fiction film. Licensed By The Creators Of The Film, A Pre Production Archive Of Artwork And Conceptual Drawings Offers Insight Into Its Groundbreaking Special Effects And Includes Complete Storyboards, The Screenplay, And Artist Commentary , First Printing