[Download kindle] The Moving Body (Le Corps Poetique): Teaching Creative Theatre (Performance Books)Author Jacques Lecoq – Bilb-weil.de

In life I want students to be alive and on stage I want them to be artists Jacques LecoqJacques Lecoq was one of the most inspirational theatre teachersof our age The International Theatre School he founded in Parisremains an unrivalled centre for the art of physical theatre In The Moving Body,Lecoq shares his unique philosophy of performance, improvisation,masks, movement and gesture which together form one of the greatestinfluences on contemporary theatreNeutral mask, character mask, and counter masks, bouffons, acrobatics and commedia,clowns and complicity all the famous Lecoq techniques are covered here techniques that have made their way into the work of formercollaborators and students inluding Dario Fo, Julie Taymor, ArianeMnouchkine, Yasmina Reza and Theatre de Complicit This paperback edition contains a Foreword by Simon McBurney,Artistic Director of Complicit and an Afterword by Fay Lecoq, Directorof the International Theatre School in Paris

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