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Starting with an armed robbery in upstate New York and ending in a Hollywood graveyard filled with stars, this story of the rise and fall of a awe inspiring golfer ground up by America s fickle taste in celebrities can be read on a surface level as a linear biography of a sideshow performer who fell short of the American Dream as the public watched, then went away But beneath the story lies a commentary about who we are Americans are as a people and it isn t very pretty.While a certain cultural literacy of America and show business from 1930 ti 1970 can be helpful, it is by no means essential to the enjoyment of this the book.Filled with press clips that both hail and revile the title character s , and dropping celebrity names than a than a Hollywood social climber, The Mysterious Montague left me saddened Montague Moore seems to be a nice enough perhaps blue collar guy who got blinded by the white spotlight of life among the rich and famous His ultimate fall is predictable, but that doesn t lessen the Greek tragedy aspects of it.There is depth hidden in the seemingly straight ahead sportswriting in this book Perhaps the ultimate moral of the story is that you don t have to pursue celebrity sometimes it will find you, and eat you for lunch. This is one of those books that s very interesting and should definitely be made into a movie Unfortunately the book is written in such a way as it is of an account of an interesting person, rather than a story told in such a way that it draws you into his life and time More in the style of a documentary Very interesting and any golfer over the age of 40 would probably enjoy it Since many people who mentioned are from a long away era, if you don t know who they are, or care, it will be less interesting. The book was great, just tough to get started in as there was too much detail Could have probably been much shorter. A true story of a man who hid his true identity because of a crime He left New York and headed for Hollywood he became an outstanding golfer and became friends with the Hollywood celebrities of the 1930 s The conclusion of his life story is like a Hollywood movie except it is true. Leigh Montville is as talented as any sportswriter working today, and this book proves once again that a great writer can make grass growing something worth reading about, not that the title character is boring The Mysterious Montague is a tale about a con artist who happened to play great golf All the characters in this true life saga are long passed away, so Montville relies on newspaper articles to provide the backbone of his research The main character remains a mystery once the reader finishes the book, though having been finely entertained by the author in the process.Highly recommended. He Was A S Golf Legend And Hollywood Trickster Who Adamantly Refused To Be Photographed He Never Played Professionally, Yet Sports Writing Legend Grantland Rice Still Heralded Him As The Greatest Golfer In The World Then, In , The Secrets Of John Montague S Past Were Exposed Leading To A Sensational Trial That Captivated The Nation John Montague Was A Boisterous Enigma He Had A Bagful Of Golf Tricks, On And Off The Course He Could Chip A Ball Across A Room Into A Highball Glass And Knock A Bird Off A Wire From Yards And When The Big Man Arrived In Hollywood In The Early S, He Quickly Became A Celebrity Among Celebrities He Lived For A Time With Oliver Hardy Whom He Could Lift, One Handed, Onto The Country Club Bar And Played Golf With Everyone From Howard Hughes And W C Fields To Babe Ruth And His Close Friend Bing Crosby, Whom He Famously Beat While Playing Only With A Rake, A Shovel, And A Bat Yet Strangely, Montague Never Entered A Professional Tournament, And In A Town That Thrived On Publicity, He Never Allowed His Image To Be Captured On Film The Reasons Became Clear When A Time Magazine Photographer Snapped His Picture With A Telephoto Lens And Police In Upstate New York Quickly Recognized Montague As A Fugitive Wanted For Armed Robbery As Montague Was Indicted In The Tiny Upstate Town Of Jay, New York, Hordes Of National Media Descended And Turned A Star Studded Legal Carnival Into The Most Talked About Trial Of Its Day The Trial Of The Mysterious Montague From The Glamour Of S Hollywood, To John Montague S Extraordinary Skill And Triumphs On The Golf Course, To The Shady World Of Adirondack Rumrunners And Bootleggers, Three Time New York Times Best Selling Author Leigh Montville Captures A Man And An Era With Extraordinary Color, Verve, And Energy The Mysterious Montagueis Leigh Montville S Most Entertaining Achievement To Date