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With A Bike, A Turbo Trainer, And The Right Advice, You Can Beat Anyone No One But Graeme Obree Has The Clarity Of Vision To Get To The Heart Of The Problem Of How To Improve As A Racing Cyclist His Innovative Approach Took Him To The Top Of World Cycling, Twice Breaking The World Hour Record A Story Picked Up In His Hollywood Biopic The Flying Scotsman It Can Draw The Same Outstanding Athletic Performance From You The Obree Way Sidesteps Conventional Wisdom And Strips Cycling Back To Its Elements, Always Asking The Question What Actually Improves My Race Time This Is No Routine Training Program Written In A Conversational Style, The Book Explains Graeme Obree S Radical Insights Into Technique, Training, Psychology, And Diet, And The Clear Logic Behind Them At Last, The Best Kept Secret In Cycling, The Obree Three Phase Breathing Technique, Is Revealed In Detail, Getting Oxygen To Your Blood With Less Effort Graeme Obree S Training Methods Really Work The Man Is Living Proof He Believes That Resting Is Key To Training, That You Can Pedal, Stretch, And Breathe Effectively And That, If You Really Want It, You Can Find The Will And Intensity To Improve Get On Your Bike

8 thoughts on “The Obree Way: A Training Manual for Cyclists

  1. Honest Reviewer Honest Reviewer says:

    This book is not about training programmes, hundreds of which are readily available in cycling magazines and the Internet It is about the basic things you need to get in order before you embark on a training programme or a race schedule, such as bike set up, breathing, pedalling, stretching and nutrition It is the philosophy behind Graeme Obree s success He lays bare the level of commitment you need to make in order to become the best, especially if you have as few sponsors and resources as he had.He opens by cautioning against over training, emphasising the importance of rest to allow the body to adapt to the greater stresses placed upon it The amount of rest is determined by what your body is saying rather than what a training plan dictates He goes into almost obsessive detail about the type of turbo trainer you will need and how you will have to improve its accuracy Quite obviously turbo training sessions were critical to Graeme s success in riding against the clock He prefers steady state over interval training this probably suits him as a time trialist, and is no doubt why he does not give detailed training plans, which would be of no use to, say, sprinters.The book continues in the same detailed manner, revealing the breathing pattern he devised, how to pedal efficiently, how to refuel without being taken in by sports nutrition companies, and even delving into the psychology of competition and getting selected by team directors.Most keen cyclists will learn something useful from The Obree Way, Those wishing to enter the world of competition will do well to read it, if only to see what it takes to get to the top I certainly enjoyed reading what makes the great maverick tick.

  2. M. L. Knudsen M. L. Knudsen says:

    Bought this book with modest expectations There are so many books written on the topic of training Really pleasantly surprised, its just a good read G.O has clearly put the same amount of effort and approach into this book as he puts into his training He writes well and says it as he sees it 90% of his to the point advice would easily be corroborated by the 100 other training related books and experts The difference is that this is a fun book to read, it delivers much good advice and avoids B.S I may not follow every suggestion, but I ll know that by ignoring some of this I m less likely to get faster Recommend this book for any serious cyclist who are interested in how training really works Best of all you don t need a PhD in exercise physiology to get something from this book.

  3. Zarbio Zarbio says:

    If you are interested in cycling at any level this is a very good book If you are about to buy a bike it has constructive non commercially orientated advice, if you are a keen club cyclist it is stacked with practical non commercialised advice He points out simple things that the manufacturers ad men might have you believe no longer apply, for example the laws of physics have not changed and on aerodynamics and materials for frame design I won t say which material he refers to here they tend to be very blobby Written in a style that is down to earth and comprehendable Graham Obree has achieved something here that few training manuals achieve, accessible and understandable information to the non medically trained reader and I guess of great interest to the medically trained.The book is written from a base of knowledge and experience that few can rival and the best part for me is he clearly has no agenda to sell He just wants to add value to your cycling experience whether you are a cyclist or an armchair fan or someone who wants to learn about the subject.

  4. hmb_UK hmb_UK says:

    I bought the original, autographed, edition sometime ago and now this new version for my Kindle Re read it with pleasure and will probably do it again To say the author knows his stuff would be an understatement of the year you are buiyng a bit of cycling history with this book Although largely aimed at competitive cyclists, many tips and techniques apply to everyone on two wheels who just wants to go a little faster Refreshingly, no training schedule or plan in sight.A great, inspiring read for all interested in the discipline and an insight into the mind of one of cycling greats.

  5. Myrra Myrra says:

    Small as it seems, the book is packed with ideas and weird points of view On the second thought, they are not such weird at all, it s me stucked in a common way of thinking In fact, they direct you in quite right direction, making most of the opinions and reviews you read elsewhere completely obsolete Very dense book, you won t find any pointless chapters, paragraphs or even sentences, any of them can make you a better cyclist I use parenthesis since most ideas are applicable in everyday life, not only to notorious cyclist.

  6. Echo 15 Echo 15 says:

    Really enjoyed the book, some different outlooks to things but I liked them and have used some of the ideas Might go and do his sportive the Flying Scotsman to try and meet the guy, although I did see him at the Hoy 100 September 7th 2014 riding with Sir Chris Hoy Thanks Mr Obree for such a truthful and open approach to training, I can definatly relate to things you say and have adopted some of the ideas.

  7. MR J W FEAR MR J W FEAR says:

    If you are looking for some sound, proven and unbiased advice then buy this book Obree is a true hero of the sport and offers up his tips and tricks for getting the most out of yourself in a real and holistic way If you are looking for stats and numbers then you will be disappointed What the book gives, in real terms, are the logical steps along with the necessary ingredients to take you from an enthusiast playing a guessing game to a competitive racer grounded by Obree s Principles.

  8. Layman Layman says:

    The definitive training guide for someone who wants to train in a minimalist way Some great analogies and anecdotes Some man.