[Read Audible] The Oxford Book of Hebrew Short StoriesAuthor Glenda Abramson – Bilb-weil.de

wonderful stories that are well written It is unusual for a creative literature to be so much younger than its language, and the story of the development of Hebrew fiction is no less fascinating than the stories that embody it in this collection The extraordinary revival of Hebrew as a spoken language at the turn of the twentieth century led to an explosion of literary activity that eventually drew a clear line of progression from the Jewish writers of Eastern Europe to their modern descendants in present day Israel From a narrative whose concerns were predominantly historical and religious, Hebrew fiction has grown to embrace the modern world and to deal with subjects such as daily life in a small Jewish town, intellectual disillusionment, and the huge political changes with which Jewish writers have had to come to terms following the establishment of the State of Israel War inevitably features often in these stories which reflect, than the literature of any other country, the social and political dilemmas of a multifarious culture Alongside the grand themes are intimate explorations of human relationships, and of individual triumph and anguish within the complexities of twentieth century life This book is intended for anyone interested in the development of Hebrew fiction, readers of short stories, literary social history courses graduate level on Hebrew Language and literature