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Delivery very quick,book as expected The Oxford English Urdu Dictionary is the most comprehensive and authoritative English Urdu dictionary available today It is derived from the highly acclaimed Concise Oxford English Dictionary and covers than , words and phrases, and , translations With thousands of example phrases, pronunciation guidance for every headword, and up to date coverage of English as it is used today, this is an essential reference work for anyone living and working in an Urdu speaking environment, or studying Urdu at school or university Comprehensive dictionary containing hitherto 1 month all entries I ve searched for Extensive explanations in Urdu to the aspects of the meaning of sought word Good for teaching purposes. I brought this dictionary to help me improve my Urdu vocabulary as i found myself many a time finding it difficult to express certain English words in Urdu Apparently the book is designed for those in an Urdu speaking environment, but like one the previous reviews said If your unable to read Urdu then this dictionary isn t for you I m not entirely fluent in reading Urdu, but i can get by but that s only because I was half taught how to read Urdu at a young age, can speak Urdu semi fluently, and live in an Urdu speaking household where i have become familiar with the words phonetically If i have any difficult in reading i can always approach members of my household.And Yes because it is an English to Urdu dictionary it means that you won t find it an easy time finding the meaning of those hard Urdu words in English, unless you have a slight idea of what the word could mean in English and you search for the English word.I find the layout and definition of some of the entries a little confusing, but with the examples given of how the word is used in sentences makes life extremely easy It also sometimes provides you with how you can express certain words in conversational Urdu and gives you English proverbs translated in Urdu which is particularly good for those who want to reach the level of a native speaker I say native speaker and not writer because I will use this dictionary primarily to help me improve mainly in my speaking and reading comprehension, yet will definitely utilize it to help me when and if i decide to learn how to write only as a secondary objective. this is not the dictionary for you The product description states an essential reference work for anyone living and working in an Urdu speaking environment However, to use this dictionary you have to be able to read Urdu script there is not transliteration of Urdu words, which makes the dictionary useless to people who can t read Urdu. I just received my order for Oxford English Urdu dictionary today It was wellpacked and the dictionary was new I felt comfortable when I tore the package because it was my first payment on order Thanas to the sellrs. Book is old ,torn, in dirty condition,completely damaged ,waste of money please don t buy this book..not worth for star to rate Simply fantastic The vendor has sold a product which has obviously been in storage for a long time and the edges of the book leaves are soiled with grime Good Book