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What is not mentioned about this dictionary is the fact it contains no romanji, so to be able to read it you must be able to read hiragana, katakana, or kanji For an intermediate this might be a superb dictionary, but for a beginner it is a nightmare to use. Being fully hiragana oriented, this dictionnary is perfect to quickly get into learning vocabulary as well as the essential hiragana It also gives the Kanji when appropriate even if learning Kanji is not the point of this dictionnary It contains clear grammatical and cultural hints when necessary and the center pages contain useful information on usage notes counters, date, polite forms, verbs, particles It is clear and concise.It has become a valuable tool to learn japanese that i get at hand all the time i m studying. The dictionary itself is presented very well and contains a lot of information but it is not at all appropriate for beginners Anyone who has not thoroughly learnt how to read Hiragana will be completely stuck when it comes to searching for a Japanese word and it takes ages trying to decipher example phrases using the chart at the back of the book Theoretically it sounds like a very good idea to avoid the usage of Romanji from the start but unfortunately it makes learning the language very difficult unless you happen to have a native speaker at hand Bottom line a surely excellent dictionary for intermediate students, but unsuitable for a normal beginner. A very useful for beginners in this difficult but beautiful language Very easy to use and with all the information you need about the words, including kanji.Okay, no romanji But you are here supossedly to learning Japanese, aren t you So, do it I made my own kanas flashcards there are many web pages to print them from and only took me 10 days to master them Believe me, the less you use romanji the better.This dictionary will be your best tool while studying Japanese and will help you to enjoy it. I am a total beginner in Japanese I bought this dictionnary a couple of week after my first class, and with the help of my hiragana chart I was able to find words easily It really made me feel good I really believe that this dictionnary was aimed to total beginners The words are in japanese on one side and translated to english and vice versa.An exellent tool for someone who is really keen on learning this language Oxford makes some of the best dictionaries in the world, and this one is a good example of that This one is a must have for people that are starting.Each entry has the kana and the kanji versions of the word, and discribes not only the meaning, but also gives examples of how to use it Also has some gramatical helps as a bonus.A great value for the money I couldn t believe all this was so cheap. This revolutionary new dictionary is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Japanese in a completely new way It covers all the vocabulary learners will need in their first years of study and gives unique guidance to the grammar and usage of the language This dictionary is created specifically for beginners colour headwords and translations no confusing abbreviations warning symbols show potential problem areas There are thousands of example phrases drawn from real life situations Japanese script is used throughout Includes a guide to how to write Japanese characters Full guidance on the pronunciation of Japanese is given Word patterns and constructions from language areas such as dates, and telling time are grouped together to show similarities and differences. A very useful dictionary for the beginner Definitions are precise and simple Notes, where necessary, helpful and often lacking in the competition Some will doubtless have gripes with the use of Japanese, rather than Roman, script, but I think the editor has made the right choice.