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This succinct and authoritative volume is the perfect guide to the many grammatical laws and idiosyncrasies that govern the English Language Larry Trask writes with remarkable clarity, communicating complex abstract ideas with enviable ease By focusing only on what is relevant, current and genuinely helpful, THE PENGUIN DICTIONARY OF GRAMMAR is essential reading for linguists, English Language students, and indeed anyone who writes in English The Society of Freelance Edtitors and Proofreaders recommended his PUNCTUATION book as excellent

12 thoughts on “The Penguin Dictionary of English Grammar (Penguin Reference Books)

  1. Victoria J Victoria J says:

    Good quality Quick delivery

  2. Jellibabee Jellibabee says:

    I bought this for my studies, it is great to either read through or dip into as and when needed Would recommend

  3. ray park ray park says:

    Got this to aid essay writing

  4. Emmanuelle Emmanuelle says:

    Disappointing so expensive for so little information Will never buy other books from this collection It is a rip off

  5. Mrs. G. Sinclair Mrs. G. Sinclair says:

    Great resource

  6. P. Jones P. Jones says:

    Not just a text book.

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    This book is brilliant for keeping on hand to look up terms I found it particularly useful when wanting to reference definitions for my university coursework I use it all the time I couldnt do my grammar module without it

  8. Zoe Muskett Zoe Muskett says:

    This book is very useful for any students studying English language It provides clear definitions and examples for many key words and concepts related to English grammar.

  9. Sébastien M. Sébastien M. says:

    This book is as its name says it a DICTIONARY.This is NOT a grammar book.It details and explains the words used in grammar For example it will offer you a definition for words like preposition or adjective.Penguin collection is a well known series of books but I would not recommend this particular book because of its very low interest as soon as you have a standard dictionary at home.

  10. Pradip Chowdhury Pradip Chowdhury says:

    Excellent book

  11. Carlitos Carlitos says:

    Es un peque o diccionario de t rminos gramaticales, no una gram tica propiamente dicha Inservible para m.


    It s okay