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Athletes are profoundly inept at explaining to those of us who will never reach high athletic status what training at an elite level feels like the pain, the fatigue, the boredom, the frustration and the self doubt.I have read all the cycling books and many other great athlete books and nobody comes close to letting you and I into the mind of the talented and dedicated like Nothstein This a book about training and the mindset to train for victory I have never ridden a bike on a track,but this is irrelevant in reading this book Nothstein inspired me He details how the desire to win transformed him into someone who will leave no training stone unturned if it even hints at competitive advantage While punishing himself,for instance, with a track sprinting regimen, he happens to see the great weightlifter wrestler, Mark Henry, dunk a basketball Since Henry tips the scales at 400 it occurs to Nothstein that Olympic lifting might augment the kind of general athleticism he wants to enhance for cycling So he adds extensive Olympic lifting to his training schedule Overtrain Nothstein does it for months and the adaptation his body makes when he finally rests is phenomenal.The effects on the person,however, are to be expected and Nothstein is apt at describing them This is the famous athlete book that made me want get into shape even at my age Read it. The Harrowing, Triumphant Tale Of A Cyclist S Journey To Olympic Victory And The Price He Paid To Achieve Greatness Marty Nothstein, One Of The Greatest Cyclists Of All Time, Arrived At The Olympic Games A Heavy Favorite In The Match Sprint At The Atlanta Olympics, An Event Akin To Prizefighting On A Bicycle, He Raced Around A Banked, Oval Track Nothstein Lost By A Hair S Width On The Finish Line And Vowed To Win The Gold At The Next Olympics, Saying, I Didn T Come Here For A Silver Medal In The Price Of Gold, Marty Nothstein Eloquently And Honestly Tracks His Journey To The Games In Sydney And The Events That Molded Him Into The World S Fastest Man On A Bicycle From His Tough Love Upbringing In A Blue Collar, Split Home, To The Borderline Outlaw Cast Of Cycling Characters Who Helped Guide Him Through The Ranks I Had To Become The Worst, To Become The Best, Nothstein Says Of The Single Minded Determination That Turned Him Into A Veritable Monster On His Bike, But Often Forced Him To Neglect His Own Family Sure To Become A Sports Classic, This Audiobook Examines What It Takes To Win The Gold I ve known a few truly driven people in my lifetime and Marty s life story is very similar to theirs What is the cost of the single minded devotion to a lofty goal The sparse prose, very noticable at the first reading gives a hint to the life of the driven athlete to eat, sleep, train, repeat There is a lack of color to the story, probably because living the life of eat, sleep, train, repeat isn t colorful Perhaps the most revealing part of the story was the telling of the race following the winning of the Gold Medal, now life opens again and new possibilities emerge.This is a story worth reading, if only to understand those people that you may know that are truly driven, or a cautious tale if you ever questioned your personal inablity to commit 100% to a singular goal If you haven t made that commitment maybe that singular goal isn t yours and you have goals that aren t quite as lofty.There are life lessons contained in this book and some of them go down hard. This autobiography by Nothstein is quite entertaining My real reason for purchasing it though is because I am always searching for information on sprint training and racing He dose give a glimpse of his training regimen but not a laid out program of coarse He mentions gearing a few times Mainly he shares his life in cycling and Marty s personality is revealed It is intriguing to here about his many confrontations against other great sprinters like Darren Hill, Fiedler, Hbner,Rousseau, and MacLean to name a few These matches are filled with cursing, hooks, body slams and crashes.