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A really cute story, fun characters, amazing illustrations and so much wholesome humor A MUST HAVE FOR PONY FANS AND ALL SORT OF PRINCESSES I bought this book because I realized my daughter needed to see examples of strong girl characters She was only ever pretending to be boy characters, and I realized it was because all the good roles in the books she had were male After the first time we read this book to her, our two year old pretended to be Princess Pinecone for two weeks after, without a break She named me Otto, and her mama the farty pony This is only the second female character she has identified with the first being Gracie from The Monstore, not a well developed character by any means , and so it has been precious to us. great book, as expectedwhy do i have to write a five star note speaks for itself stop this, My whole family adores this book, and my four year old wants to read it every day Isn t it great when they get obsessed with a book that the grown ups love too As usual, Kate Beaton creates a charmingly askew, wildly creative world which is amusing and safe for my skittish kid don t worry, the war is fought with spitballs And squareballs This book is full of beautifully detailed, hilarious drawings And it is effortlessly progressive and generous It s an integral, and joyful, part of the book that Princess Pinecone is simultaneously a fierce warrior and a cute little girl And the story showcases warriors of all races and body types, which adds to the book s delightfully odd imagery I didn t think I could love Kate Beaton any after following her webcomics for years but now I know that she is a genius children s author I hope she will write many. Thank goodness I read this book before wrapping it I had intended it as a gift for my granddaughter who is into princesses and who wanted a pony for her birthday It sounded perfect But the preview pages on didn t include the pages with the word fart or the picture on the last page I am not only a grandmother, I am also a teacher, and I like to encourage students to use polite words in conversation It s not the dirtiest word in our language, certainly, but why not have pleasant conversation And the story line would still have been just as strong without it This reminds me of the movies that would have a G rating, so they throw in a cuss word to make it PG so people will come Why did the author have to ruin such a nice plot with that tasteless word I was required to read this for a college course I took a few semesters back, prior to that, I d never heard of it Being in my 30 s, I m not generally exposed to a large number of children s books But the first time I read through it I knew my daughter would LOVE it So we bought it for her birthday 7 and she has read it 100 times It s a new favorite. This book So precious It was recommended by our librarian for my PreK class and I love it so much I ordered a copy for my class to keep on hand and a copy for my 3 year old niece Robert Munsch s Paper Bag Princess is another favorite for all, but I love how these books especially empower young girls. The Teeny Tiniest Of Adorable Farting Ponies Gives The Biggest Of Laughs In This Riotously Inventive New Title From Kate Beaton, The Artist Behind The Bestselling Hark A Vagrant Fall In Love With A Teeny Tiny, Roly Poly, Cutie Pie Of A Farting Pony In This Wickedly Funny Tale From Kate Beaton, The Artist Behind The Comic Phenomenon Hark A Vagrant Princess Pinecone Knows Exactly What She Wants For Her Birthday This Year Not A Cosy Sweater Like Always, But A Horse A Big Horse, A Strong Horse, A Horse Fit For A Warrior Princess But When The Day Arrives, Pinecone Doesn T Quite Get The Horse Of Her Dreams Brave Viking Warriors And Big Surprises Abound In This Laugh Out Loud Title