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Noseholes And Elephants A Pet Eating Monster Interrupts A Perfect Playdate With Princess Sneezewort But Who Is That New Masked Avenger Princess Magnolia And Princess Sneezewort Have Plans Mysterious Plans, Like A Princess Playdate They Dress Up Slam They Karaoke Jam They Playhouse Romp And Snack Time Stomp But Then A Shout From Outside Princess Sneezewort S Castle Interrupts Their Fun Its A Monster Trying To Eat Someones Kitty This Is A Job For The Princess In Black Yet When The Princess In Black Gets There, She Finds Only A Masked Stranger And No Monster In Sight Or Is There Action And Humor Abound In This Ode To Friendship That Proves That When Shape Shifting Monsters Intrude On Your Plans, Two Heroes Are Better Than One

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  1. Ellen L. Marten Ellen L. Marten says:

    My niece loves this series She s 4 and a half and really enjoys having chapter books that we read to her You can get a little breathless when she says, again at the end but it s a pretty fast read to do the whole book I also wanted a comic book starter book for her since I love comics and this was recommended It isn t written in panels, but it does have that superhero dynamic Plus, a million extra points for having a female protagonist The writing is also fun and quirky There s usually a word choice or phrase or two in each book that makes me laugh She laughs even It s also fun to shout, EAT GOATS Try it next time you re in an elevator with strangers.

  2. Lyndiana Jones Lyndiana Jones says:

    I am a Literacy Coach for K 2nd graders I struggle to find high interest trade books to meet the needs of kids moving out of beginning readers and into advanced books like Julie B Jones This whole series is a SLAM DUNK I have yet to encounter a kid, boy or girl, who didn t immediately engage in this book

  3. Heidi Grange Heidi Grange says:

    One of the things that I love most about this series is the idea that anyone can become a hero no matter how rough around the edges you might be In this fifth book in the series, the Princess Magnolia finds herself up against a rather tricky foe As she travels to visit Princess Sneezewort in a neighboring kingdom, a monster has, unknown to her, hitched a ride on her carriage As she and Princess Sneezewort enjoy their playdate the monster attempts to eat several pets in a park nearby Naturally, the Princess in Black rushes to the rescue, but this time she gets help from a surprising source Princess Sneezewort, having read an article about the Princess in Black, is determined to be a hero, so she dons a disguise and rushes off to help as the Princess in Blankets But the monster is particularly tricky and can change his shape Only by working together, using their own unique talents, can the two princesses defeat this monster Once again, the Hales have written a delightfully funny and adventurous story about following one s own path Pham s illustrations are gorgeous and complement the story beautifully A truly winning series that is bound to be loved by young readers.

  4. D. D. D. D. says:

    I bought this book for my 7 year old, 1st grade, granddaughter I was visiting for a week and she begged daily to read with me She finished the book in 5 days My grandma heart is over the moon Another reader has been born The key take aways from the reading teacher are easy to sound out words that follow the rules, this particular book is great for practicing ea says e Engaging text that made my granddaughter laugh It really helps if you like what your reading Just the perfect amount of sight words Fabulous pictures, her 4 year old brother like to sit close so he could see the pictures He loved looking for the hiding monsters Shannon Hale thank you

  5. Lei-Adi Lei-Adi says:

    My 6 year old was in that transition between reading picture books and chapter books She wasn t really wanting to read the chapter books I found the first of these Princess in Black books at the store and decided to give it a try And she s hooked It is simple enough that she is able to read most of the words on her own But still has the occasional picture to make it less boring on the surface And the stories themselves are pretty easy to follow for early readers They have been successful in our home