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I bought this as a gift for an 8 year old girl 2nd grader for Christmas She loved it so much that she read it at least three times within the first week Considering that this book was competing with other Christmas gifts, I view it as a huge it She and her little sister have been playing hero princess a lot, too I ve already ordered Princess in Black books.This book contains 15 chapters, each about 4 5 pages long A serious child reader will ignore the chapters and plow on through I love the chapter breaks because they allow me to tell her to stop after X chapters to get ready for bed, pick up toys, eat, etc.Overall, the book seemed right at her reading level There are some difficult words, particularly some of the proper names, e.g Frimplepants and Euphoria This added to the mystery and excitement for her This book wasn t too easy but had just the right amount of challenges. Inconvenient Monster Alarms, A Sparkly Array Of Princess Guests, And Spot On Slapstick Pacing Make For A Party Readers Will CelebrateToday Is Princess Magnolias Birthday Party, And She Wants Everything To Be Perfect But Just As Her Guests Are Arriving Brring Brring The Monster Alarm Princess Magnolia Runs To The Broom Closet, Ditches Her Frilly Clothes, And Becomes The Princess In Black She Rushes To The Goat Pasture, Defeats The Monster, And Returns To The Castle Before Her Guests Discover Her Secret But Every Time Princess Magnolia Is About To Open Her Presents, The Monster Alarm Rings Again And Every Time She Rushes Backan Inside Out Dress Here, A Missing Shoe Thereit Gets Harder To Keep The Other Princesses From Being Suspicious Dont Those Monsters Understand That Now Is Not A Good Time For An Attack My six year old daughter loves The Princess in Black I personally find the stories a bit repetitive, but it s just what she needs as a beginning reader It s right in between an easy reader and a chapter book The story is engaging, the illustrations are beautiful, and the pages are high quality nice and glossy I love when a book feels good to hold I highly recommend this book and this series in general to any little girl or boy who loves both princesses and adventure. We love Shannon Hale, and her husband adds just that little bit of dad humor to the mix making this series a pure delight Even better, the illustrator captures this wonderful tale perfectly My 3 year old begged for me to read this to her every night for weeks until I finally decided I had enough Few books make it past two nights in a row at our house, so that is really saying something It had gotten to the point where my daughter could recite the whole thing by memory, so I now have her read it to herself instead Also, my older kids 13, 11, and 9 who often heard me reading it to her didn t moan and complain like they do with most of my 3 year old s book choices That s how good it is There are very few children s books that I would put in this category, which includes Dr Seuss and little else. I got this for a struggling third grade reader She loved it We read the whole series.Then I brought it home and read it aloud to my five year old daughter who absolutely LOVED them We read them all again ,Our public library happened to have a Princess in a Black event this summer my five year old was too excited We went and she was able to talk all about the books with the bigger girls.The bright colorful illustrations do assist as context clues There are also lots of opportunities for predicting inferring.While this series may not go down in history as great literature of our time it got two different aged girls 5 9 to enjoy reading That s a success in my eyes We can t wait for the next book to come out in September Another winner We preordered this and forgot about it it was such a lovely surprise when it came My 6 year old LOVES these books, and they re just perfect beginner chapter books 98% of the writing is phonetic or common words, with an average of 1 2 words a page she has to ask for help with Since it s so long yay , we trade reading pages She loves the sound effects pages and how the princess keeps getting and disheveled I told her we were done for the night after 7 chapters, and she read 4 on her own We re working on her reading stamina, so that s a big deal She loves to pretend to be the princess in black I love that these books celebrate a princess who is girly, athletic, courageous and kind.