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Its Mayhem At The Science Fair A Squishy Goo Monster Is A Challenge For The Princess In Black But Luckily Some Science Loving Princesses Are On Hand To HelpPrincess Magnolia Is Excited Excited And Nervous Shes Going To The Interkingdom Science Fair Today To Present Her Poster About Seeds And Plants, And When She Arrives, She Sees That Her Friends Are There Too Princess Honeysuckle Made A Mole Habitat, Princess Sneezewort Has Built A Blanket Fort, And Tommy Wigtower Has A Talking Volcano Thats Saying EAAAAT Wait, What A Surprise Goo Monster Makes This A Job For The Princess In Black, And The Princess In Blankets Is On The Scene To Lend A Hand But Will Two Masked Heroes Be Enough To Save The Science Fair A Little Scientific Problem Solving And A Lot Of Princess Power Will Make The Sixth Entry In The New York Times Best Selling Series A Smash Hit

5 thoughts on “The Princess in Black and the Science Fair Scare

  1. L. Lindauer L. Lindauer says:

    The first Princess in Black book came out in January 2015 That spring, I was babysitting for some co workers of mine Their daughter Analise would have been 6, and their son Jonathan, 3 I read the book to them I can vividly remember Jonathan constantly jumping up to do this or that every few minutes He couldn t stand to sit still Analise got so aggravated with him because I had to keep stopping and she was dying to know what happened We made it though the book and she loved it I was babysitting them again in the fall, and they wanted me to read Princess in Black That time, they both sat still in rapt attention I was shocked at how big a difference a few months had made Jonathan frequently said something along the lines of Oh, we re coming to my favorite part I remember it distinctly because I kept thinking, How in the world do you know what s coming next You weren t even listening the first time Apparently he was He just hadn t been able to sit still that long We have read the Princess in Black books countless times over the years They frequently ask if a new Princess in Black book is coming out I saw The Princess in Black and the Science Fair Scare on March 21 and immediately pre ordered it When I shared the news with them, they were super excited Over the last six months, they have frequently asked me if it had come out yet I told them it wouldn t be out until after Labor Day Ever since Labor Day, almost every time I have seen them, the first words out of their mouths were, Is the new book out yet How much longer We have literally been counting down the days for about 2 weeks Since my book was supposed to arrive on its release date on Tuesday September 25, we made plans to get together today to read it I saw them on Sunday and they asked if it had shipped yet, and I said no, but that I was still supposed to get it on Tuesday We were all worried that it wouldn t arrive on time, because we were anxious to read it When I went to their house tonight to babysit, their first words were, Did it come There was great rejoicing when I said yes They were also excited to hear that I hadn t even opened it yet, but had waited to open it with them They loved it They are already asking how long it will take for Book 7 to come out I have also shared these books with many other young ladies They all love them After reading The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation, Analise, Jonathan, and a friend immediately wanted to act out the story They put on a play for their parents I don t know about all the other children in the world, but the kids I know all love them They are good, clean reads, and as you can see from this story, they are favorites with girls, but boys love them too After all, what s not to love with princesses and monsters put together

  2. Katie Katie says:

    My 7 year old homeschool first grader LOVES these books I have read them all to her and she is reading through the second book aloud to me currently The story line is fun and cute Love that she is a princess who fights monsters Our two year old likes the pictures and all the monsters My daughter reads 1 2 chapters aloud each sitting, can read when not distracted by little sister She is 7, in first grade and reading at about a second grade level There are a few words she needs help with, but for the most part she can read these books on her own This story is fun and keeps her engaged.

  3. Christopher_R Christopher_R says:

    Love it Our 4 year old demands we read it over and over again This is a great series for young girls The vocab level is on point and our daughter is entranced with the stories Perfect to practice comprehensive reading early recalling and talking about what just happened in the story or why something happened The artwork and plots are super cute too.

  4. Steph Steph says:

    My kids love the princess in black series and we re excited to have a new one I liked the teamwork involved in this and the message that all can become their own heroes

  5. Jamie Murphy Jamie Murphy says:

    My 7 year old LOVES this series Cute, easy to read, well illustrated Definitely a set to keep and hand down through the family