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Theatre And Film Frequently Require Replicas Of Three Dimensional Objects Built For Actors To Use This Book Lays The Groundwork For An Artisan To Determine What Materials And Techniques To Use To Build These Props Walking The Reader Through The Various Tools And Techniques Used In Historical And Contemporary Prop Making, The Author Presents A Process For Deciding The Materials And Methods To Build Any Prop With An Explanation Of How The Craft And Its Products Have Developed Over Time, The Budding Artisan Will Understand Not Just How And When To Use Certain Techniques Or Materials, But Also Why To Use Them And What Advantages They Give It Arms The Prop Maker With A Structured Procedure For Approaching The Construction Of Any Prop Illustrated With Step By Step Examples Of How To Use Each Construction Method, And Explanations Of Different Types Of Materials, This Book Gives The Beginner Prop Artisan A Strong Foundation To Approach The Construction Of Props And Answers The Question, How Should I Begin The Author Is Hosting An Online Component To The Book Along With His Successful Blog It Will Feature Additional Resources For The Prop Maker, Including Books, Shops, Contact Information, And How To Videos

6 thoughts on “The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film, and TV

  1. Cesar Moreno Cesar Moreno says:

    Mucha informaci n detallada y con gran cantidad de fotos y de mucha calidad Explica de forma bastante buena como tratar cada material y como usarlo entre ellos.

  2. Tim Nielsen Tim Nielsen says:

    This is a great updated reference for prop makers, teachers and students It s a good overview of different techniques and methods to go about creating props, and as an introduction to sculpture, casting and building, it s very informative It s a good reference for learning new methods of making props, or a way to start diving into new techniques It s also very well structured around safety and lists dangers, pros and cons of different materials or methods.What the book doesn t fill in would be examples of how to build specific props, or designing props for shows I don t fault the book for not including it, because it s such a broad field it would be impossible to cover everything As a source book for having on hand to look up new methods, it s a fantastic resource.

  3. Reasonable Reviewer Reasonable Reviewer says:

    This is a very good reference book that contains a lot of very practical information on how to build props and includes factors such as equipment, cost, safety, technique, etc.Truly a one stop shop for the aspiring prop maker

  4. Gregory S. Gregory S. says:

    A great book and point of reference for any Prop designer fabricator A lot of it s basic and rudimentary stuff, but its good for when you re looking to reference an idea, or figure out a problem.

  5. R. Wall R. Wall says:

    Great book Anyone doing set design needs to have this in their library

  6. kkerr3 kkerr3 says:

    This is a terrific resource, and covers a lot of ground It won t give you specifics on how to build, step by step, that crazy prop you need for your current show, but it will give many suggestions on products techniques that can help you solve your specific prop problem The bibliography is also very helpful I ve followed Eric s blog for quite a while He really knows his craft