[read online Best] The Punchdrunk EncyclopaediaAuthor Josephine Machon – Bilb-weil.de

Waited for months for its arrival, then I got damaged good. The Punchdrunk Encyclopaedia is the definitive book on the company s work to date, marking eighteen years of Punchdrunk s existence It provides the first full scale, historical account of one of the world s foremost immersive theatre companies, drawn from unrivalled access to the collective memory and archives of their core creative team The playful encyclopaedic format, much like a Punchdrunk masked show, invites readers to create their own journey through the ideas, aesthetics, contexts, and practices that underpin Punchdrunk s work Interjections from Felix Barrett, Stephen Dobbie, Maxine Doyle, Peter Higgin, Beatrice Minns, Colin Nightingale and Livi Vaughan, among others, fill out the picture with in depth reflections Charting Punchdrunk s rise from the fringe to the mainstream, this encyclopaedia records the founding principles and mission of the company, documenting its evolving creative process and operational structures It has been compiled to be useful to scholars and students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, from secondary level through to doctoral research, and is intended for those with a fascination for theatre in general and immersive work in particular Ultimately it is written for those who have dared to come play with Punchdrunk across the years It is also offered to the curious those adventurers ready and waiting to be immersed in Punchdrunk worlds