epub The Remedy: Bringing Lean Thinking Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire OrganizationAutor Pascal Dennis – Bilb-weil.de

A Powerful Business Fable That Shows You How To Spread Lean Business Practices To Every Function Of Your BusinessPascal Dennis Is A Lean Business Learner And Practitioner Who Has Written Four Books On The Subject Of Lean Business Practices In The Remedy, He Shows How Lean Business Practices Can Be Expanded From Manufacturing To All The Other Areas Of Your Business Including Design, Engineering, Sales, And Marketing And All Processes In Between And How Doing So Builds A Efficient Organization At Every LevelThis Story Follows Tom Pappas And Rachel Armstrong, Senior Leaders At A Desperate Automotive Company As They Try To Implement A Lean Management System Across An Entire Platform, The Chloe, A Breakthrough Green Car The Future Of The Company Is At Stake Can Tom And Rachel, Supported By Andy Saito, A Retired, Reclusive Toyota Executive, Regain The Trust And Respect Of The Customer Can A Venerable But Dying Company Implement Lean Practices To Every Part Of Their Business And Learn A New, Effective Way Of Managing Shows You How To Use The Lean Quality Improvement Method To Fix Not Just A Manufacturing System, But An Entire Company, Including Management, Design, Marketing, And Supply Chain Written By Pascal Dennis, Author Of Four Books On Lean Practices And Winner Of The Coveted Shingo Prize For Outstanding Research Contributing To Operational Excellence Originally Developed By Toyota, The Lean Approach To Quality Improvement Has Gained A Worldwide Following And Helped Turn Around Enumerable Struggling BusinessesIf Your Business Is Treading Water Or Sinking In The Waves The Remedy Will Show You How To Put Lean Processes To Work In Every Functional Area For Long Term Business Survival And Success

5 thoughts on “The Remedy: Bringing Lean Thinking Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire Organization

  1. Notacritic Notacritic says:

    Very superficial Great at identifying problems but glosses over the solutions A lot of utterly irrelevant clutter If you didn t read the first book you miss a great many references in this one Do not recommend.

  2. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    This book has helped reenergise our Lean efforts by reassuring us we are on still on the right path after 13 years implementing However we have to simplify our approach ensure everyone is engaged by knowledgable accountable leaders.Pascal s book has ignited a new fire in many of our leaders we find willingness to apply the Remedy to our own creeping Big Company disease.It s an easy read connects concepts from other leading improvement authors with Pascal s personal insights, including Stephen Covey Steven Spears important topics that help leaders focus.Also a natural extension partner to his earlier title Getting the Right Things Done.If you want to understand the fundamentals of Strategy Deployment, problem solving connecting functions across value streams in a down to earth, no nonsense way then grab a copy or for your leadership team.

  3. James Kessler James Kessler says:

    This book does a great job of explaining a very broad variety of topics related to the Lean quality improvement philosophy It is filled with helpful doodled illustrations and is very quick and easy to read None of the topics is covered in depth, but the book does a good job of indicating just how deep each topic goes and how much there is to learn than what can be covered in the book.The book tells the story of a fictional auto plant manager who has transformed his plant with Lean thinking and now has to spread the philosophy to the other parts of the enterprise As a novel, the book is not likely to be made into a film anytime soon, but the story moves rapidly and spoiler alert has a happy ending, so it doesn t take away from the book s value.The book also does an excellent job showing how the Lean approach can be applied outside of the manufacturing setting and illustrating how lean production is only one part of a business system that affects all parts of a company s operations and strategy.

  4. Stan R. Simms Stan R. Simms says:

    Cheap imitation of Goldratt The Goal I liked Andy Me better Book could have been summed up with about 5 10 figures.

  5. PaulM PaulM says:

    We have been teaching Lean Thinking in our business for 2 years now, and while we are using it on each project where possible, we have struggled to understand what the steps are to engage the whole organisation so that we can turn it into the company we know it can be The Remedy is the closest thing I have come across that really describes the challenges we face, and offers a prescriptive step by step method to address those challenges I am about to try Dennis methods this week, so it s early days, but this for me was the missing information I needed to make a company wide transition seem possible I have recommended the book to all of my colleagues in consulting I believe it sets a new standard.