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Please note that the website URLis now routledgehebrew The Routledge Introductory Course in Modern Hebrew Hebrew in Israelis an integrated language course designedspecifically for classroom based learners The course contains lessons combining texts, grammar explanations, and exercises This is supported by a Companion Websitewith audiovisual materials to guide the student through the key skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening Features include a wide range of compelling texts, from dialogues and simple narratives to newspaper articles and poetry vocabulary lists for each text a variety of exercises for every lesson including oral drills, listening comprehension, grammar exercises and writing practice a solid grammatical foundation presented in an accessible, user friendly manner cultural notes to introduce students to Israeli society beautiful illustrations All the texts, wordlists, and verb conjugations are freely available in an audiovisual format on the Companion Website routledgehebrew which contains a wealth of additional resources including answers to all of the exercises in the book interactive exercises audiovisual verb dictionary audiovisual lists of prepositions with their pronoun suffixes audiovisual reference charts of numbers, colors, the days of the week, etc checklists and review lessons for each unit links to Israeli websites videos and music Hebrew in Israel provides everything that students and instructors need for an engaging and effective learning environment

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  1. Cneil Cneil says:

    This textbook and companion website with listening and reading resources and keys is an excellent resource Although it expensive than some language books, it is very much worth it It is very substantial over 350 pages in large A4 size , and the quality of the recordings is excellent Each lesson comes with a text and vocal and exercises, and you can follow along very easily on the companion website The grammar is explained simply The lessons contain delightful stories of family and friends, involving various topics it is not focused only situations involving university students like some foreign language textbooks Each text is short often just a few sentences, meaning you can spend only a few minutes a day if you don t have much time, and still cover a lesson At the end of every unit, all the terminology is labelled well so you can quickly find terms The companion website has some excellent additional resources for example, each verb is given in its infinitive and you can listen to the conjugations being read by a native speaker.Another great feature is that texts are very natural and you find the speakers using colloquialisms which are explained The actors doing the voiceovers have excellent clarity and the right speed The textbook is broken into different sections and there are useful images and diagrams.Overall, this is an excellent textbook I have been using it to study alone i.e without a teacher and I felt that it could easily be used in this way Very well worth the money.

  2. Ad the Teacher Ad the Teacher says:

    I am self studying Hebrew and I have found this book challenging as all languages are at the beginning but at the same time doable and fun.The vocab is repeated in real world examples, and additional words are added as the units go along The companion website, which includes the audio materials, answer key and glossary of instructions is great As I am self studying Hebrew I am also using YouTube to help with things like diphthong pronounciation.It would be ideal if you could download the audio examples easily from the companion website, and if all of the new vocab that is included within the text could be included in the vocab audio file, but all in all, I am still giving this book 5 5.

  3. Matti Junes Matti Junes says:

    This can be a little difficult to begin with your Hebrew studies by yourself But sooner or later you must have this If your have already some understanding about the structure the language and you have learned the basic frasies and some of the basic vocabulary of Hebrew so in the case this book takes you into the very nucleus of Hebrew language as you have noticed it in Hebrew magazines and newspapers but newer understood In this book your have a realistic path into the the language Texts and exersices are exellent and internet resouces easily useable But you must have a good wordbook You ll need it with this book and later, too.

  4. Gwilym Gwilym says:

    This new course in Modern Hebrew is, to the best of my knowledge, the most extensive course yet published There are many good sides to it, already explained in the other reviews here, so I will focus on the flaws that other reviewers have not mentioned That is not to say that I don t like book I do , only that it could have been even better.The main problem is the publisher s preference for the Internet same problem in Routledge s Introductory Course to Persian There is nothing wrong with having a supporting website for a course, quite the opposite, but a website is NOT an excuse to exclude fundamental parts of the course from the book.I bought this book wrapped, so I did not have the opportunity to open it Little did I expect that I was paying 90 Canadian dollars for a course with no sound recordings Yes, all the sound recordings are available at the website, and that would be fair enough if you could download them You can t I enjoy taking a language course to a caf , to the park or to the seaside and listen to the recordings on my iPod That is not possible here To use this course, you HAVE to be connected to the Internet and that, dear publisher, is simply not good enough.The same thing with the keys to the exercises Yes, you find them online but not in the book Once again, that means that you cannot bring the book with you anywhere to read, you have to be seated in front of your computer to be able to check your exercises Once again, not good enough.This is a very expensive course, and it would be worth the money if it would contain answer keys and you would either get the recordings or be able to download them As it is, you pay rather much for NOT getting what much cheaper courses give you for free The Internet is a great supporting tool but it is not a substitute.While this is the most extensive course I ve seen, and a must for the serious student, there are other courses that might be better for the beginner Another course in Modern Hebrew, also published by Routledge, is Colloquial Hebrew Although not as extensive as this course, it is much user friendly The introduction to the Hebrew alphabet is smoother, the conversations are engaging and, crucially, you get both the recordings and the answers to the exercises For a total beginner, I would recommend starting out with Colloquial Hebrew and to use this course as the next step For those who speak French, Assimil s brand new L Hebreu sans peine is another user friendly course Not as extensive as this course, nor Modern Hebrew, but it has the funniest conversations and the best introduction to the alphabet.Here are the links to the two courses that might be useful for complete beginners and for those who want to be able to take the course with them when leaving the computer.Colloquial Hebrew Colloquial Colloquial Series L H breu

  5. Sara Sara says:

    I used this book for my first year of college Hebrew, and it was very useful and user friendly Right away we started off with conversational Hebrew, and even those who had never studied Hebrew before could form sentences from the first day of class Even though I use a different textbook in a higher level of Hebrew, I still can and do refer to the website for its extensive verb dictionary, to either hear how to pronounce a verb or to review the conjugations It also has a link to a website to teach Hebrew typing, and it s clear that the website was designed with students needs in mind I have never used a Hebrew textbook that is useful or enjoyable, and the website helped me while I was using the book and well into the future The complete list of vocabulary at the end of each unit was very helpful, and the glossary at the back is better than most.

  6. KrankyKat KrankyKat says:

    I was a little hesitant to buy this textbook because it is really designed for class room use and I m studying Hebrew by myself It turns out that this book has been extremely useful to me I did not use it to start studying Hebrew Rather I began using it when all the selfstudy courses were becoming to difficult, as their progression at one point just becomes to fast for me.As a foreign language instructor, I find this to be the case almost always, with most text books or self study material This, however, works at a very slow pace which makes it extremely thorough The approach may be considered slightly outdated by many it is based on many exercises rather than on communication For me, it works brilliantly I can use the online links to have the texts read to me in weird voices sometimes, but who cares I can check my work with the solutions provided on the internet.This textbook has really helped me to become much better at writing Hebrew script The readings are short and based on words that have already been covered so reading is possible.Not fancy at all no colorful pictures or beautiful graphics but very, very useful.

  7. Katharina Enzinger Katharina Enzinger says:

    Ivrit b israel makes learning Hebrew a true joy, the grammar is well explained, the exercises manyfold, the online resources very helpful and the entire book is grammatically very precise and goes into much depth, no questions remain unsanswered I used to work with a different book that was also very good and maybe a bit entertaining when it comes down to the reading and listening exercises, but this book offers a very comprehensive overview of basic Hebrew grammar and vocabulary and makes it easy to internalize them with the help of the many exercises I can absolutely recommend it also as a self study resource