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The San Francisco Mime Troupe Reader is a long overdue collection of some of the finest political satires created and produced by the Tony Award winning company during the last forty years It is also a history of the company that was the theater of the counterculture movement in the s and that, against all odds, has managed to survive the often hostile economic climate for the arts in the United States The plays selected are diverse, representing some of the Troupe s finest shows, and the book s illustrations capture some of the Troupe s most memorable momentsThese hilarious, edgy, and imaginative scripts are accompanied by insightful commentary by theater historian and critic Susan Vaneta Mason, who has been following the Troupe forthan three decades The Mime Troupe Reader will engage and entertain a wide range of audiences, not only general readers but also those interested in the history of American social protest, the counterculture of the s particularly the San Francisco scene and the evolution of contemporary political theater It will also appeal to the legions of Troupe fans who return every year to see them stand up against another social or corporate Goliath

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